The World Is On Fire And Biden’s Spineless Foreign Policy Isn’t Helping


When we look around the world, we see a world on fire and tensions at an all time high. Thousands of innocent civilians murdered in Israel on Oct. 7th by the savage Hamas terrorists.

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Hamas protests in major cities such as London, Paris, Sydney. Thousands of Americans and foreign nationals inciting violence against Jews with a Cornell student calling on his fellow students to “slit the throats of Jews” on campus. This is all happening in 2023.

In London, Jews are being systematically targeted by the radical Muslim population.

In Paris, Jewish homes and businesses have been marked with the Jew Star’s of David.

In Sydney, protesters were shouting “Gas the Jews”.

In Russia’s southern Dagestan region, hundreds of people stormed an airport and started hunting for Jews after they learned a plane was arriving from Tel Aviv.

And here on the homefront in America, thousands of Americans and foreign nationals on college campuses have been ripping down American flags, inciting violence against Jews and calling for the destruction of America.

So yes, the world is on fire right now and that is because America has a senile and weak Commander-in-Chief at the helm right now who talks out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to foreign policy.

He supports Israel but puts pressure on them to agree to a ceasefire deal.

He provides military aid to Israel while unfreezing billions of dollars that will benefit Israel’s chief adversary, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He condemns Hamas but hasn’t placed the Islamic Republic of Iran-backed Houthis back on the State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organization list where they rightly belong.

The world is not only laughing at us right now but they are eating our breakfast, lunch and dinner seven days a week.

As Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban recently said to Tucker Carlson, “The best foreign policy of the recent several decades belonged to President Trump. Trump is the man who can save the western world.”

PM Orban and President Trump both know that peace is only achieved on the world stage by projecting strength at all times. When America and our leaders project weakness and appease the bad actors around the world, they will exploit this weakness every single time.

President Biden’s failed foreign policy agenda has driven our enemies closer to each other than ever before as this new “Axis of Evil” has formed vis a vis Russia, China and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

China has never had more diplomatic strength and influence than the last three years. The Islamic Republic of Iran has never been richer and Russia has never been stronger.

Here at home, President Biden could instruct his State Department to revoke the student visas and immediately deport any foreign national that is in America inciting violence against Americans but he hasn’t done so and in all likelihood he will not.

President Biden is a weak leader and it’s not just other world leaders who know this but it’s the American people as well.

On the other side of the coin, President Trump has made a recent campaign pledge to revoke the student visas and deport anyone who was involved in the pro-Hamas protests over the last +45 days. As history has shown us, when President Trump makes a campaign promise, he delivers on it.

In closing, we all know that a peace through strength policy serves to protect not just America but our allies around the world. Projecting weakness and appeasing the bad actors around the world instead of asserting American strength is a recipe for disaster that we are seeing play out right in front of our eyes.

Bryan E. Leib is the Founder and CEO of Henry Public Relations. He is a Senior Fellow for the Center for Fundamental Rights in Budapest, Hungary. He can be found on X @BryanLeibFL

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  1. Trump closed the PLO mission office in Washington, D.C. in October 2018 but Biden opened the “United States Office of Palestinian Affairs” in 2022 and has sent the Palestinians more than 600 million of your taxpayer dollars; allegedly for “humanitarian” aid. Except that Hamas controls the Palestinians and the aid is mostly convertible so it can be used to buy weapons to kill Israelis and Americans. Then after Biden just recently traded five Americans for five Iranians he threw in 6 Billion dollars of unfrozen assets for no apparent reason and now he wants to send them 10 billion more! He has also been giving them billions by stopping Trump’s sanctions on Iran; especially exports of Iranian oil. Iran is the biggest monetary supporter of Hamas as well as the biggest sponsor of terrorists around the world. The country that has vowed to wipe Israel off the map and shouts “Death to America”. And, oh yeah, let’s not forget that he abandoned 8 to 10 billion dollars of military hardware, weapons and munitions in his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, so the Taliban is selling the surplus to the highest bidders and terrorists everywhere and anywhere, including Hamas. So now the question is; Who is the biggest state funder of terrorism around the world? Is it Iran or the Biden administration?

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