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When America And The World Needs A Leader, Biden Calls A Lid

Israel is under a constant barrage of incoming missiles, and the Iron Dome is tested like never before. The Iran Parliament is seen yelling Death to Israel and America in unison. Videos on X (formerly Twitter) show Hamas militants thanking Ukraine for the weapons they are using against Israel. The intelligence communities of the Free World failed to see the attack on Israel coming, and the country and world are looking to the White House for the leadership needed to retaliate appropriately to the terrorist attack. Still, the President called a lid at 11 AM. Instead of going to the microphone and rallying the world against the animals bombing Israel and pillaging its people, President Joe Biden has called it a day.

Donald Trump told us last month that this would happen. When Joe Biden released $6 Billion of Iran’s frozen funds on September 11, of all days, Trump predicted Iran would use those funds to attack America or our allies. He pointed to the $60 Billion Iran has because Biden relaxed Trump’s sanctions, and Iran could sell oil on the open market. Because of the bad decisions by Joe Biden, Iran has the resources to fund the murderous attack on Israel.

The story that broke today on X may be one of the reasons Biden went into hiding today. If the videos are accurate, the militants driving their trucks, riding their scooters, or hang-gliding into Israel may be armed with weapons supplied by Ukraine. The weapons used by Hamas to kill our allies in Israel may be made in the USA—a slap in the face to Israel and Americans by the Joe Biden administration. As Biden hid, he sent Jake Sullivan and John Kirby out with their Gas-lights to lie to the American people. Denying that we did not push Iran to this point and that we will support Israel with whatever she needs-Full Stop. These people lie just like their boss. That is a full stop-and-drop-the-mic comment.

To add insult to the day, Antony Blinken went to X with the comment he has urged Turkey to work with the United States to negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Gaza. Blinken is another genius from the Administration on the wrong side of the reality of a solution. We have a complete lack of leadership in this Administration, and the only relief we got today was that KJP did not hold a briefing.

The only semblance of leadership came today from Benjamin Netanyahu, who spoke to the world today and pledged Israel would unleash fury on those who did them harm. And Kevin McCarthy, who was removed from the Speaker’s seat last week, went to the House floor today and showed why he should still be the Speaker of the House. Unlike Biden and Harris, the third person in line for the Presidency, McCarthy was Presidential as he addressed the House and the world about what Israel and its allies should do to put Hamas and any other group that attacks the free world back in its place.

Biden and Harris may have sealed their fate today as a one-term Administration and are now lame ducks for the next fourteen months. They deserve this fate. They have earned it.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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