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There Are Not Two Sides To This Argument. There Is Right or UnAmerican

The discussion is premature, but the Radical Left Wing group, The Squad, is unified that America should swing open its doors for Palestinian refugees who may need a new homeland after Israel destroys Hamas and Gaza. These few irrational individuals may find themselves alone on their side as anyone with a modicum of common sense and love of this country knows it will be a bad idea to let any Palestinians into America, and there are many reasons to defend our argument.

As reported in Rightvsleft.news:

In a recent development, a member of the progressive “Squad,” Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.), has urged the United States to open its doors to Palestinian refugees.

This call comes in the wake of an estimated displacement of 1 million people in Gaza within a week, as reported by Juliette Touma, a spokesperson for the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees. However, this proposition has been met with staunch opposition from several Republicans.

Over the weekend, Pro-Palestinian and even Pro-Hamas demonstrations were held worldwide, especially in larger U.S. cities and universities. These demonstrators may be the only defenders of the Squad’s stance, but many Republican politicians quickly attacked the Squad and protestors. This debate is heated, but the temperature will rise when Israel begins retaliating against Hamas and innocent bystanders are hurt or killed.

First, it must be understood that not all Palestinians align themselves with Hamas. Still, it is also known that all Palestinians despise Israel and want to see the obliteration of Jews and also have no love of America. So why would they want to come here in the first place? Letting them all relocate to Iran would be a better fit for them and Americans. By the time Biden ends his stay in Washington in 2025, he will have allowed 8-10 million people to cross our Southern Border. We are not paying too much attention to our Northern Border, but illegals are crossing into America from Canada. We also have an untold number of refugees coming to a town near you from Ukraine. With the sheer magnitude of the number of people, vetting is not feasible. Biden will tell you these people are all given an appearance date to rule on their asylum claim, but that is years away, and virtually nobody shows up for these hearings.

With the people from Gaza looking to relocate to America, it is not the number of migrants. It is their core beliefs. All people in Gaza are indoctrinated from childhood and reinforced daily to hate Jews and Americans. Bringing these people into our world is tantamount to letting the wolf into the henhouse. That combination never works out well for the hens and will not work well for Americans. 

Currently, Jordan and Egypt have closed their borders to Palestinian refugees. Yes, some countries can secure their borders for the safety of their sovereignty and people. We can learn about border security from these Middle Eastern countries. This whole region is getting complicated. Jordan and Egypt have called off their scheduled meeting with Biden on Wednesday. The Biden trip has no upside. He will come off as weak, and now the principles leave him hanging. His visit may also be delaying Israel’s insurgence in Gaza. Biden should have stayed home and left it with him pledging support. He has no place on the frontline. Remember his history. He has never been on the right side of an international decision, and this one will be no different. Get Biden back to Delaware, and keep the Palestinians in the Middle East.

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