Ivy League Students Shoot Themselves In The Mouth

It used to be shooting themselves in the foot, but these ignorant yet brilliant students went for the mouth instead. These pampered children thought signing letters at Harvard and other Ivy League schools backing Palestine and Hamas for their attack on Israel was cool and harmless. They should have used a different side of their brain because now that a hedge fund wants to expose them as unhireable, they are all backpedaling as fast as their weak legs can pedal. Finally, someone is holding these children accountable, and they are looking at a bleak future because they signed off on a damaging document or aligned with a group that spoke on their behalf in favor of Hamas. These fools thought their biggest challenge was paying for their useless education. Now, they can face that challenge without a job.

The Left, specifically the Woke, have a tough time facing the reality of a situation. Exhibit #1 to prove that is the comments by Samira Nasir.
Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Samira Nasr says cutting off power to Gaza is ‘most inhuman thing’ she’s ‘ever seen’. Did she not see the videos of children being beheaded or burned alive? Would she like to rethink that statement in light of actual evidence? Rather than analyze the facts, the Left would instead rely on feelings and the fact that nobody will hold them accountable for their beliefs until now. Now that it hits them in the wallet, their spine buckles like an old-fashioned Slinky. It is sad to see but fun to watch.

This situation should not be a surprise to anyone except for the fact that the real world is finally growing a spine. Think of the repercussions if a company owned by people of the Jewish faith discovered that the high-priced hot-shot lawyer handling their account signed a petition while in college demanding the extermination of Israel. Do you think there might be a conflict of interest here? This case highlights the multiple layers that must be considered for each person who signed the documents. Does the signer believe the rhetoric, or was it a case of ignorance that they were unaware of the content? Both are offensive and yet the second is the most common excuse used as these people try to have their names removed or in their defense. If truly unaware, they are guilty of associating with an organization that holds these evil and vile thoughts.

That is where ignorance turns to laziness or stupidity. These people are supposed to be the best and brightest attending some of the most prestigious academic institutions. Yet, they did not do the research necessary to formulate an opinion on the subject. For example, not all Palestinians are members of Hamas, so nobody who condemns Hamas’s actions is attacking Palestinians. The same goes for Hezbollah and Lebanon. However, the people of Palestine and Lebanon who passively condone the presence of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in their country, making them complicit with the groups, are as guilty as the groups.

These are complex matters, but if you asked the people chanting or waving flags at the many protests if they understood the situation they were speaking out on, they do not. And that is the major problem with these protests: the sheep they attract who need to be associated with a cause even when they do not understand it.

These students caught up in this web of petitions and signatures deserve the cancellation they may suffer. Attending our finest schools should not entitle you to a high-paying, rewarding career. The knowledge you acquired and the character you built should have some bearing, too, and in this case, these students have some explaining to do.

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