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Israeli Defense Force: ‘Scenes are Like a Zombie Movie’

The Israeli Defense Force gave an update early Thursday at 5 a.m. local time sharing their progress in eliminating Hamas capabilities.

IDF Spokesman Lt. Colonel Jonathan Conricus gave his update on “the sixth day of this war that was thrust upon us.”

The update started by focusing on one of the civilian neighborhoods (kibbutz) that Hamas cowards struck.

“The scenes are like a zombie movie, it’s a war zone,” Conricus said. “A seasoned war correspondent, after walking there, described it as the worst thing he has ever seen.”

“There were some babies that had been beheaded,” he added.

Conricus continued to outline the massive military infrastructure that Hamas has built completely intertwined in civilian population areas to use Palestinians as human shields.

“What Hamas has done since they took control almost 20 years ago of the Gaza strip is basically to build a network of tunnels from Gaza City and under Gaza City,” he said. “Only for Hamas. Not to be accessed by the civilians.”

“These aren’t bunkers for the Gazan civilians,” he added.

Hamas makes Palestinians into targets by placing weapons caches, headquarters, bomb-making facilities, and R&D facilities in and under civilian centers while not offering the same underground facilities as shelter to Palestinian civilians during Israel’s response.

“What we are doing is prioritizing striking commanders, senior officials in Hamas from all echelons whenever we have intelligence that indicates the whereabouts of a senior Hamas official or military commander,” Conricus said.

“Whether it is financial, or construction, or command and control, collection of intelligence, research and development – whatever it is, if it belongs to Hamas we are striking it,” he added.

Conricus also spoke to the defensive actions and preparations for the “next stage of the Gaza war” that the IDF has taken to make sure that Hamas, Hezbollah or any other Iranian-funded militant organization is unable to attack Israel and make sure that Hamas is never able to govern Gaza again.

“Outside of the Gaza strip,” he said, “is where our 300,000, plus/minus, ground forces are located.”

“In what is the biggest and fastest reserve call-up in Israeli history.”

Conricus said that these forces are “directed towards the Gaza Strip and making preparations for the next phase of the Gaza war.”

The IDF spokesman also said that Hezbollah has deployed on Lebanon’s border with Israel and that Israeli forces have taken up defensive positions in northern Israel in response.


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