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If Biden Will Not Close The Border, Shut The Government Down

We have heard numerous times, too many to count, from the White House Keeper of the Binder (Formerly the Press Secretary) as she points at the Republicans and the existential threat they pose by shutting down the government. Well, it is time to prove her wrong and show Americans what a lying, gas-lighting piece of this corrupt administration she is. This projection by KJP attempts to mask the damage her boss and fellow members of his team are systematically inflicting on our country. Every decision this administration has made has been wrong for America and contributed to the accelerating destruction of America. Domestically, whether social or economic, or Internationally, whether trade relations or our Defense, every decision has been wrong, and how pollsters can find 23% of those polled who still back the President is beyond belief and reason.

The White House continues to look to January 6th, and the Justice Department locks up protesters for decades. It is easy to prosecute and imprison these people as they don’t have the resources to fight the government. They are easy prey, and the Democrats think each prosecution works in their favor. Bob Menendez, Hunter Biden, and even Joe Biden reap millions while destroying our country. They will never be held accountable. The Dems keep pointing to 0106 and deflecting attention. It makes me sick. The spending must be addressed, but the Border must be closed.

There are not many options the Republicans have with a slim majority in the House, but they have a significant opportunity to get everyone’s attention if they choose to shut off the money spigot and shut down the Federal Government. Kevin McCarthy has to find the guts to make the big move. The media will have a field day, and Karine will blame the Republicans every afternoon, but we need to suck it up and shut it down. The Defense Department will be funded, as will Social Security and Medicare. The rest of the government can take a hiatus, and probably most people will not notice.

Biden and Congress have been spending foolishly and must be reeled in, but it will take a dramatic, painful move to see this happen. Biden continues to pledge unlimited money for Ukraine with no plan. “As long as it takes” is not a plan. There is no accountability for how Ukraine uses the money or supplies we send them. There are also rumors that some of the money we send Ukraine is funneled back to the Democrat Party and the Biden’s. This money laundering scheme has to stop.

The House Republicans have been pushing for each of the budget plans be voted on individually. This will not FFL with the Democrats who want to bundle the eleven spending bills into one large Omnibus plan. We know that when this happens, line items come from everywhere for pet projects or outright pork. This is how the government stays open historically. McCarthy cannot allow this to happen, and it will be a huge failure for the GOP if it does. If the Dems refuse to play ball, shut it down, Kevin. Shut it down.

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Ray Cardello

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