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What Does A President Look Like?

I am not ready to hop on the DeSantis train, but he drew a clear contrast this week of what a President and a leader should look like. I am not referring to the outward appearance of a young, vibrant DeSantis standing next to his beautiful wife versus the mumbling Joe Biden forced to wear soft-soled shoes to remain upright standing next to his elder-abuser wife with the dresses that remind me of Nana’s old curtains. Before anyone accuses me of taking a cheap shot at the First Lady, let me call a spade a spade. Anyone who lets their aging spouse embarrass himself daily abuses their loved one.

I am looking at the places these men choose to visit, the message they deliver, and the connection they have with their audience. Ron DeSantis’ state of Florida is facing an assault from a potential Category 4 Hurricane this week. He could have chosen to go to the beach for vacation or maybe to the mountains, but instead, he pulled himself from the campaign trail to be in Florida, where he could react as needed to the storm and its damage. When a town in Hawaii was burning to the ground, our President first went to the Delaware shore for some beach time and then to Lake Tahoe for some quality time with his son, Hunter, in a $13 million mansion owned by a donor. Joe and Hunter had a whole week to discuss the weather—such quality family time.

Ron DeSantis went to Jacksonville to address the senseless gun violence that shook that city over the weekend. The Governor was booed loudly by angry residents who blamed DeSantis for the loss of life. To his credit, he did not acknowledge the jeers and spoke right over the yelling. Joe Biden was asked recently for his thoughts on the unfortunate wildfire that leveled Lahaina, to which he replied, “No comment.” One hundred confirmed dead, images of people leaping into the sea to avoid the flames, and still over 1,000 souls unaccounted for, and our President has no words of comfort, just no comment. This must be why he has not gone to the Border and East Palestine. He just couldn’t find the right words.

There is no stereotype for what our President should look like. He could look like Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama, or Donald Trump, but not Joe Biden. Our President must exude strength and inspire a country, not trip up the stairs of Air Force One, not once, but three times, or check his watch as he receives flag-draped coffins of fallen military heroes.

77% of Americans think Joe Biden is too old to serve as President. The fact is, he is not too old. He is too aged. His mental acuity has deteriorated, and it will not improve six years from now. Obviously, Joe Biden is a puppet President. He visited a grammar school on Monday and told the kids how hard it is to return to work after two months off. Joe just came from an entire summer off, and on his first day back, the only item on his agenda is a trip to a grammar school. He is not working at being President. Yet, the Democrats want to return Joe to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for another four years. Not because they like Joe but because they hate Trump. Joe Biden is not the image of America, and we need to hold him accountable for the damage he has done to America and send him to jail or Delaware Beach for a permanent vacation.

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Ray Cardello

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