Ford Motors Has Learned That When A Leftist Government Demands That You Make Unwanted Products, You’d Better Say “No”

The presidency of Joey Biden couldn’t wait a single day of the new administration before attacking the automobile industry and its related industries when they outlawed a new pipeline and halted drilling on new wells.

The next part of Biden’s radical environmental policies was his mandate (leftists can’t exist without mandates) that Ford, General Motors and Chrysler begin making the very costly and undependable electric vehicles.

Now Ford Motors is losing money hand-over-fist after following Biden’s EV edicts. Ford announced that was losing billions of dollars each year on EVs – losses caused by effectively becoming an adjunct to the far-left federal government now seated in D.C. And while Ford has dumped billions of dollars into the development of the very expensive EVs, they are ignoring the piston engine side of the business that has made them one of the most successful and respected corporations in the world. Joey Biden likes to stick out his chest and loudly proclaim that he is a capitalist, but capitalism is not run by government. Capitalism is run by corporations seeking profit and the satisfaction of their customers, not seeking some ephemeral social goal proposed and edicted by some commie government.

One may well ask why Ford would make such a foolish and commercially dangerous decision to go along with Biden’s political order. We can no longer pretend that our nation is a capitalist nation if the president can demand that a corporation make and sell products no one wants. The answer as to why Ford and the other auto manufacturers went along and jumped into the EV market is that a leftist, big government president will destroy any company that doesn’t obey the orders from the White House.

If Ford ignored Biden’s demands and refused to make EVs, Biden would sic the IRS on them and inspect every annual tax filing back to the days of Henry Ford and would inspect the returns with a fine tooth comb and jump on any slight infraction and make Ford pay for it dearly. The Ford Board of Directors and the executive staff of Ford would also have their personal taxes inspected, just as the IRS went after one of the Trump Company’s executives and fined and imprisoned him for past tax issues because they want to keep Trump from running for president again, and Democrats hope this will serve as a lesson to Trump personally. This is what power-hungry leftist regimes do to their citizens: they instill fear like they did to Trump with two impeachments and now a series of indictments designed to make him go away and let the woke, socialist regime of Biden operate without criticism.

Another tool that the federal government has to punish corporations who don’t obey their mandates is to have OSHA perform minute inspections of past and current safety results and shut down the corporation on the pretext of dangerous employee safety concerns. Or the NLRB can be called upon to invade the corporation and come up with some unknown labor issues that they will blow out of all proportion in order to stop work at the company.

So Ford obeyed Biden’s order to build EVs, and now they are paying for it.

Donald Trump has often said that if the government can defeat him, we, the citizens, are next, and Ford should realize that they, too, are next in line for defeat via bankruptcy due to all of the costs of making a new line of cars because they did not stand up to Biden and his woke, leftists and did not refuse to make vehicles that no one wants or can afford.

And if anyone wonders why the EV issue is so important to the Biden administration, it’s because China has bought-and-paid-for Joey Biden and his corrupt family. China has access to the rare earth materials needed for the EV cars, that the Biden family influence-peddling helped them gain, which are needed to make batteries for the evil EVs. And China is manufacturing some junky little electric cars they want to sell in America, and they depend on the corrupt Biden family to open this new market for them, which Joey is only too happy to do. Joey is destroying our economy in order to make himself rich.

And if you combine the EV impact on the US economy with the millions of illegal aliens Biden’s open border has allowed to invade America, aliens who will soon be competing for jobs against job-seeking American citizens, and also recall the American electric generating industries which are now having to utilize wind and solar products insisted on by the Biden administration, which are not nearly as productive nor as dependable as the old coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants.

Americans should be afraid of the Biden Oval Office; very afraid.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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