America’s Least Liked Team Disappoints Us

Let me preface this article. Soccer is not my favorite sport, and there are not many sports that I do not enjoy. It may fall just above men’s polo or synchronized swimming. Women’s soccer is by far my least favorite sport and sports team for several reasons. Primarily, I dislike the National Women’s Team because they are the most pampered, self-absorbed., and unpatriotic group of athletes ever to wear the uniform adorned with the United States flag. Because of my feelings towards this team, I am sad to say I was glad to see them eliminated from the 2023 World Cup.

The hype was tremendous for this team as they entered the competition. They were favored to win the championship as most thought they were the superior team in a field of 32 countries, a historic number of teams. The U.S. team had one win, and two draws through today, which were not enough to move them onto the next round of play. This year, the U.S. Team was eliminated from further play after a reasonably strong 3-1 opening win against Vietnam. This victory would become the last win the United States team would enjoy this year. The next three matches against the Netherlands, Portugal, and Sweden did not earn a win for Team U.S.A., but one goal in total and a final loss of 5-4 goals in the Swedish game of extra kicks. Their 5-point total was the lowest ever achieved by the U.S. at a Women’s World Cup, despite the inaugural 1991 edition only awarding 2 points for a win instead of 3. They lost to Sweden on penalties in the round of 16, achieving their worst-ever World Cup result and leaving without a medal for the first time. This group of underachievers was done playing for 2023 and a massive disappointment for U.S. Women’s Soccer.

There were no standout performances, as there was very little offensive output for Team U.S.A. This team failed to live up to the hype and pre-tournament predictions but was still able to create controversy with their off-field actions. The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team has sparked controversy for not singing the national anthem at the World Cup. The reasons behind some players’ silence remain unclear, continuing a trend of anthem demonstrations that started in 2015. The constant barrage of anti-American rhetoric by their leader, the legendary Megan Rapinoe, and her constant demands for higher compensation equal to the men’s soccer program, were a distraction for the team’s performance and led to the lack of support for the team by Americans.

It is reported that the early elimination from the competition is most rewarding to Conservatives oversimplifies the feelings about this team. This team never represented America or American ideals and underperformed on the field. The United States female soccer program needs a complete make-over and the retirement of Rapinoe is a good start for the future.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. I was not disappointed at all. Rapino Bud-Lighted her future prospects with her vile, despicable behavior and it is fitting that SHE lost the game. Hallelujah!

    1. I guess I am old enough that I still pull for any sports team or individual that competes wearing our flag. This team is easy to dislike and I hope they head in the right direction as they move onto the next level.

      Thanks for your comments


  2. Karma. This is what happens whenever politics is brought into sports. This could not have happened to a nicer group of whiners.

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