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The Tribal Left: The Real Racists

One of the storylines the Democrat News-media Complex (hereafter the DNC) has run to great effect is that they reject racism and are the party of inclusion.  It should be no surprise in our upside-down world of smoke and mirrors that the opposite is true.  This is exposed sometimes when the emotionalism associated with some major event, e.g., the overturning of affirmative action in college education by the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS), causes the mask to drop and expose the real racists.

In response to an Asian woman, Yiatin Chu, who praised the recent SCOTUS ruling, “journalist” Soledad O’Brian (NBC, MSNBC, CNN, HBO) replied,

Congrats on screwing over other people of color, ma’am! (Particularly those whose efforts in civil rights paved the way for your family to come to America!).

Similarly, ESPN “sports journalist” Jemele Hill accuses the Asians who celebrate the SCOTUS decision of “carr[ying] the water for white supremacy and stabb[ing] the folks in the back [who] fought diligently for Asian American rights in America.”

It is not clear what argument O’Brian and Hill think they are making.  Do they think that if American “people of color paved the way” for Asians to come to America (if that is true), Asians need to surrender their guarantee of equal protection under the constitution to them? Do Asians need to surrender any other of their constitutional protections too or is just one sufficient payment to other “people of color”?  Should disagreements about constitutional rights be settled by deciding which group owes which group something for some alleged favor?  Isn’t that the way mob bosses operate?  And mandating equal protection under the law for everyone is white supremacy? Thank you Mz. Orwell!   

Their “arguments” are also ad hominem fallacies.  Since there is no logical connection whatsoever between their premise that certain “people of color” paved the way for Asians to come to America and their conclusions that Asians are “screwing over” or “back-stabbing” other people of color, they resort to name calling.  Asians are bad people for expecting to be treated equally in university admissions.  They study too hard and are arrested at a lower rate than their percentage of the population.1 Bad Asians! 

Their arguments also commit the fallacy of “begging the question” (assuming what it purports to prove).  Naturally, they give no argument whatsoever for that claim.  In the short term, of course, the SCOTUS will probably mean that certain black people will not be accepted at certain educational institutions that they would have been accepted at yesterday. 

However, Thomas Sowell, perhaps “our greatest living intellectual”, would not see that as “screwing over” black students.  It might even help them.   For Sowell has seen black students that would have done quite well at some perfectly good but less demanding institution ruined under the extreme expectations of the Ivy League.

I became painfully aware of this problem … when I was teaching at Cornell University, and discovered that half the black students were on … academic probation.

These students were not stupid or uneducable. [T]he average black student at Cornell [then] scored at the 75th percentile on scholastic tests, [i.e.,] better than … three-quarters of all American students.

[They were] in trouble … because the average Cornell student in liberal arts … scored at the 99th percentile.

Is the leftist penchant for virtue-signalling and playing the “victim card” worth ruining such gifted young people?

Ending affirmative action in education might also help “people of color” by preventing the Left from papering over the failure of leftist policies to get them educated.  It will not be the ending of affirmative action that prevents black students at Democrat-controlled Baltimore high schools at which not one student can read at grade level from getting accepted at a top university.  Similarly, at the national level,

86% of white 4th graders were at least on grade level in mathematics [but] 55% of black students. The national black score was pulled down by the dismal performance of black students in the [Democrat controlled cities of] Baltimore, Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia [where] the average share of black students performing at least at grade level was 28%, with none more than 31%.

Perhaps it is really these Democrat controlled cities and schools that are really “screwing over” black students?  I personally have no doubt that there are many potential Ivy League black students in these inner-city schools that will probably never even graduate from high school because they are imprisoned in failing schools that never give them a chance.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party is “in bed with the teacher’s unions” and the teacher’s unions are less interested in helping the students to learn than they are in helping teachers keep their cushy jobs,

At their July convention, the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second‐​largest teachers union, voted almost unanimously to endorse Joe Biden’s presidential bid. 

Unanimously? Doesn’t that only happen in tyrannies?  The reason teacher’s unions are in bed with the Democrats is that those unions support a leftist program favoured by the Democrats.  As Randi Weingarten puts it,

Imagine a world with: universal pre‑K; debt forgiveness for educators; triple Title I funding; expanded community schools; supports for kids with special needs; high‐​stakes testing thrown out the window; charter school accountability; public colleges and universities tuition‐​free for families who earn less than $125,000.

Yes, imagine a world in which the educational system churns out dependable little leftists who will vote for Democrats and Democrats, in return, endlessly send large checks into the education system in a never-ending cycle of mutual backscratching.  That is the system we have now that creates little motivation for the schools to help the students learn to read, write and do math but much motivation to keep this corrupt cycle of mutual Democrat Party/Teacher’s Unions back scratching in existence. 

O’Brian and Hill do not appear to understand what SCOTUS’ role is.  SCOTUS’ job is not to find some community and make nice-nice to them.  Nor is it to solve social problems (legislate from the bench).  It is to articulate the meaning of the US constitution in order to set the guidelines within which those social problems must be solved justly.  What the recent SCOTUS decision has just done is to clarify that one cannot suppress one people (Asians) in order lift another up.  Shocker: The problem of black underperformance must be settled within the confines of the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution!  It is, therefore, now incumbent onDemocrats to put aside their failed ideologies and address the real causes of black underperformance, namely, failing public schools and fatherless homes created by the Democrat’s welfare policies.

Virtually everyone agrees on the goal of achieving black equality in education and society but it depends very much on how one does this.

Unfortunately, privileged virtue-signalling elites find it easier to criticize a SCOTUS they do not understand than they do to face the real problems keeping black people down.  What is astonishing is that certain privileged elites who have made a career of complaining about past unequal treatment of their own race are quite happy treating another entire race, Asians, unequally in order to benefit their own.   That is the real racism. 

Although Asians comprised about 5.7% of the US population in 2019 they comprised only 1.3% of the arrests.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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