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Case Closed


After eleven days, the Secret Service closed the investigation of the mysterious bag of Cocaine found in the White House. The Service claims they have no facts about the illegal drugs found in the West Wing that could lead to the person responsible. There is an irony to the decision as no one in this Biden White House is ever accountable for anything. Nobody should be surprised by the announcement on Thursday. The Secret Service is charged with protecting the President and his family from harm, and ending this investigation without finding does just that; covering for the First Family.

In an embarrassing statement, the Secret Service reported the following:

  • No fingerprints were discovered on the bag
  • No DNA could be lifted from the poly bag
  • There were no video cameras in the area where the plastic bag of Cocaine was found.
  • Visitor logs indicate at least 500 people had access to the drop area over the Fourth of July weekend

You might ask why it took eleven days to come to a conclusion that could have been made in minutes with the same feckless effort. Supposedly, the FBI worked with the Secret Service on this case, meaning the most sophisticated equipment was available to investigators. Yet with all the resources available, we have a bag of drugs left in the White House by someone with no fingerprints or DNA, and we are expected to buy their story. I don’t think I’m buying.

It is alarming that we have not heard the President show concern with this matter. He should be insisting on answers to assure the American people of the security of the White House. It was quietly leaked yesterday that this was the third such find in the White House during Biden’s term. Why are we hearing of these situations now? Wasn’t this to be the most transparent Administration ever? This is becoming a House of Mirrors, Cocaine Mirrors.

Nothing is light or funny about this matter, from the initial discovery to the bogus investigation. If anyone could place an evidence-free bag of Cocaine in the White House, what would stop someone from leaving Anthrax, Ricin, or Fentanyl? This investigation fits perfectly with the many other slow-walked or ongoing issues. We saw many times during FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony in front of Congress his reluctance to answer direct questions about the Biden family. Whether questioned about the Biden Laptop, Bribery, Money Laundering, or the Cocaine discovery, his escape was that the investigation is ongoing, and he cannot comment. Ongoing is the new safe word. This explains why there is no urgency to close any of these investigations, as they are the perfect legal cover for the Biden Crime Family. 

The American people are waking up and tired of the legal manipulations by our government to mask the obvious illegal activities of the First Family. The credibility of the Justice Department, FBI, and now the Secret Service is being destroyed, all to protect a corrupt lifelong politician and his family that have used their positions to reap fortunes from around the world. They have also been shown to cheat the tax system, which I guess means fair share only applies to law-abiding citizens and not their slimy political leaders.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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