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6 Pool Party Style Hacks You Need To Know

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The season of radiant sunsets, ice-cold lemonades, and of course, sizzling pool parties is finally upon us. But with all the fun also comes the question — how can you maintain your aesthetic amidst the constant threat of splashes or even while swimming? Fear not, style savvies, because we’re here to rescue you from your style conundrums.

Dive into this article, where we unwrap some seriously cool pool party style hacks that will not only make you the belle of the beach ball but also ensure you’re comfortable and protected. If you’re ready to make waves, it’s time to jump into the deep end.

1. Sunscreen Is More Than Just Protection

Now, let’s talk about the unsung hero of pool parties — sunscreen. It’s not uncommon to shrug off sunscreen application when you’re a kid because it’s taking time away from you that you could otherwise be spending in the pool … but it’s a crucial part of maintaining your skin’s health.

Not only that, but forgoing sun protection can lead to premature signs of aging in the long term. Even if you don’t think sun damage is affecting you now, it will in the future. But in addition to protecting your skin from harsh sun rays and premature aging, sunscreen can also be part of your poolside glamor routine.

Yes, sunscreens now come with a subtle glow, giving your skin a radiant sheen perfect for those sunny pool parties, especially if you’re planning on getting wet and wild and don’t trust your foundation not to run. The right sunscreen can help keep your skin healthy and hydrated, all while giving you an uber-glam, otherworldly glow.

2. Eyelash Extension Kits Are Your Secret Weapon

Imagine this — you’re making a splash, coming out of the water, and your eyes are still popping and getting all the attention you deserve. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s totally achievable with an eyelash extension kit! These kits are a game-changer, offering you a dramatic yet naturally alluring look that stays put even after a swim.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about mascara running down your face. With easy-to-follow instructions, they are a breeze to use. So go ahead and add an eyelash extension kit to your beauty arsenal.

3. Vibrant Swimwear Choices Make You Stand Out

Summer is all about color and fun, so why should your swimwear be any different? It’s time to ditch the old and bring in vibrant, unique swimwear. Choose bright colors or playful patterns that complement your personality and body type.

If you’re self-conscious about drawing attention to yourself in a bathing suit, there are two things to consider. For one, you can always look for a bold and sassy cover-up to remain pool party-ready while still feeling comfortable.

But the other important thing to remember is this: confidence is the best outfit you can wear! And every body is a summer body when the season hits. So whether you’re rocking a stylish one-piece or a chic bikini, own it and enjoy every moment in the sun.

4. Wear Accessories That Make a Splash

Accessories at a pool party — yes, please!

Waterproof watches, silicone bracelets, or a bright beach sarong can add that extra zing to your poolside look. Remember, style is in the details. The right pair of sunglasses can complement your look and give you an air of mystique if that’s your vibe or a cool hippie-chic look if you lean toward metal frames and aviators.

Just make sure everything you wear is water-friendly, because you don’t want to ruin your favorite pieces in the pool!

5. Perfect Your Poolside Footwear

Let’s talk shoes. You want your feet to be comfortable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. Opt for colorful flip-flops, embellished sandals, or even water shoes.

They’re not only practical for poolside lounging and games, but they can also add a fun element to your overall look. After all, who says practical can’t be fashionable? Not us!

6. Nail Your Waterproof Makeup Plans

So, you’ve got your stunning swimwear and sassy shoes, but what about makeup? For pool parties, the trick is to keep it light, breezy, and waterproof. Opt for a tinted moisturizer or a BB cream for that fresh, sun-kissed look.

Add a touch of waterproof blush and a smudge-proof lip tint to complete the look. And yes, those fluttery eyelash extensions from your kit will have your eyes looking gorgeous without any fuss. Voila! You’re ready to glow.


And there we have it, our ultimate guide to making a splash with your pool party style. These hacks aren’t just about looking fantastic. They also ensure you’re comfortable, protected, and free to enjoy the party without any worries. So, next time you get an invite for a pool party, don’t sweat it.

Embrace these style hacks, make them your own, and remember — the best accessory you can wear is your confidence. So go ahead, soak up the sun, and make some unforgettable memories!

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