Sweetheart Deal Was Bad, This Is Outright Corrupt


What do you say to the American people when you preach from the highest hills that you will get the rich to pay their fair share and your son is a tax evader? What do you say when you want 87,000 new IRS agents to shake down Americans evading tax payments, and your son settles his tax debt for pennies on the dollar? What do you say when you use any tragedy to call for more and stricter gun laws and expanded background checks, and your son falsifies his federal gun paperwork and applies for gun ownership while a Crack and alcohol addict? You say nothing. You ignore questions yelled at you by pool reporters. You have your spokespeople go into a blackout and deflection mode. You say you are proud of your son, have him attend a State Dinner on the day his plea deal is announced, and have him sit with the United States Attorney General for drinks and dinner. This scenario is what equal justice under the law looks like when your last name is Biden. What makes us the angriest is not the sweetheart deals but the arrogance and lies from Joe Biden and his Administration, treating us like the underclass. Joe Biden is royalty, and for the fifty years he has been sucking off the public dole, he and his family deserve all they can cheat and steal. Just shut up, go about your business, and accept what you see as fair and just.

Attorney Merrick Garland addressed the country this week to assure them that everything in the Hunter Biden case is above board and by the book. Unfortunately, just like a Greek Pizza Shop, there are two sets of books. With the AG, we are not getting the book kept on top of the desk. Merrick Garland has no credibility. His handling of parents versus school boards shows he is a small man who requires large doses of power. Garland has been complicit with our corrupt President to weaponize the Justice Department against anyone threatening the movement. He went on the record to say no one should question the integrity of his department. Sir, we should all question the integrity of every aspect of Government. If not, we end up with the likes of the Biden Administration.

There are many aspects of the Justice Department and Intelligence Agencies now. Biden weaponized them against Republicans (MAGA, MAGNA, or however Biden pronounces the term), they are not carrying out justice equally and are definitely corrupt. This analysis may not describe the lower levels of these agencies, but the leadership hierarchy has to be dismantled. We cannot sit back and wait for this to happen organically. The rot is too entrenched, and these leaders have established a power base linked for protection. They also have the mainstream media in their ranks. To prove this, you only need to look at the list of former leaders on the payrolls of CNN and MSNBC. You will find many of the names of the 51 signers of the Russian Collusion memo on that list.

The House will not let this plea deal rest without more digging for the truth. They cannot simply talk about it. We need action, or their credibility will go the route of Adam Schiff. You cannot continue to tease Americans. You, at some point, have to show your cards. Grassley, Comer, and Jordan-let us see what you have now.

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Ray Cardello

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