Jane Fonda’s Racism and Hate Strategy on The View

You’re just a movie star, nothing more!” – Howard Hughs (Leonardo de Caprio) to his partner Katherin Hepburn (Cate Blanchett) during a fight, The Aviator

Jane Fonda was certainly wise to choose the fact-and-reason-phobic show The View to air her transparently false racist views that white men, racism and the patriarchy are solely responsible for the climate crisis.  As is standard on the Left, she cites no evidence whatsoever for her claims but only rattles off the standard leftist buzzwords sure to get applause from the faithful.  It’s so much easier than thinking. 

Jane says, “they’re all men.” These white men must be “arrested” and “jailed” because “[T]here would be no climate crisis if there was no racism … [and] no patriarchy.  A mindset that sees things in a hierarchical way.  White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] at the bottom.”

Apparently, Jane is not aware that a white female like herself, Vicki Hollub, has been CEO of Occidental Petroleum since 2015 and an employee since 1982.  Has Jane called for her arrest? 

Further, the biggest polluter on the planet is China, which Jane must think is run by white men, with 10,065 million tons of CO2 released.  The US has only slightly more than half of that with about 5,416 million tons.  India, which is also not run by white men, is third with about 2,654 million tons.  Japan, not run by white men, is 5th with 1,162 tons released.  Saudia Arabia and Indonesia, neither run by white men, have 621 million tons and 615 million tons respectively. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Iraq, none run by white men, ship much of the petroleum to the “white” countries that burn it.   The total pollution released by these non-white countries is far greater than that released by the “white males” that she despises so much and that by coincidence resemble her famous rich daddy.  Could that be a clue? 

Apparently, Jane thinks white men intentionally put polluting industries near non-white residential areas rather than white residential areas because the evil white men only care about their own race and gender.  This would come as news to the Irish, Polish, Italian and Russian communities in inner city Pittsburgh at the rise of the steel industry in 1875.   In fact, should common sense still be permissible, there is a multiplicity of economic reasons involved in the decision where to build polluting factories.  If “people of colour” are adversely impacted by polluting industries it will be because poor people of all colours move to the vicinity of those factories to get these things called jobs to feed their families.  If, however, Jane is in possession of documents in which evil white males admit that polluting factories are only to be built in non-white areas because “people of colour” “don’t matter” she should certainly produce them.  We look forward to Jane finding a fact somewhere to embellish the script. 

Since Jane has no facts whatsoever to back up her claims she employs racism, sexism and hate.   She isolates a racial and gender group, white males, and, without fact, accuses them alone of the allegedly illegal evil of building the polluting factories, apparently in China, Japan, India and Indonesia, that are destroying the world.  

In fact, it is a leftist strategy to foment hatred towards certain groups, usually white males, to get their way.  However, they hate black conservatives even more than white males because this undermines their silly racist narrative. This is behind the recent narrative that black like basketball icon Charles Barkley can be a white supremacist.  In fact, Barkley’s problem is that he is a conservative.   In an excellent example of the word-games played by the Left, certain black people are designated as honorary white people so that it is legitimate to hate them as well. 

One wonders whether the white male criminals that should have been arrested and jailed include her rich white father, Henry Fonda, and her three rich white husbands, Roger Vadim (9 million), Tom Hayden (9 million)and Ted Turner  (2.2 billion), or notable Democrats like Climate activist John Kerry (250 million)?  

Like many celebrities, Jane “talks the talk” but does not “walk the walk.” She recently sold her 8.53 million four-bedroom, six-and-a-half-bath 7,100-square-foot glass mansion in Beverly Hills,

How big is the carbon footprint of a 7,100-square-foot home with a glass elevator, a sprawling chef’s kitchen with verde quartz countertops, a media room with a full bar, a spacious gym, heated porcelain floors, steam shower and soaking tub in a “tranquil, resort-like setting”? …  [I]t’s about 3 times the physical footprint of the typical American single-family home, which is a mere 2,355 square feet.

The proletariat she so loves cannot afford to live in the polluting luxury to which this pampered Hollywood princess has become accustomed.  Celebrity Net Worth lists her fortune at $200 million which she earned in an acting profession where people get paid truckloads of evil capitalist dollars pretending to be something they are not, like psychiatrists or experts on climate change. 

In fact, Jane knows very little about anything.  Although she was sent to Vasser, where rich pampered white princesses were sent in her day, she dropped out because graduating would involve “homework” and discipline. It was much easier to join her rich daddy’s business where she could make mucho evil capitalist dollars imitating other kinds of people. 

Plato (Republic 395a-397b) distrusted actors for the very thing modern’s praise them for, the ability to take on all variety of different roles, an innocent virgin in one film, a prostitute in another, a dedicated police officer in one film, a career criminal in another, etc.  Plato felt that this can only be done by someone without a solid core to their personality.

In the 1962 film, Walk on the Wild Side, Jane “portrays a grubby, footloose prostitute” and in the 1971 film Klute she redresses the prostitute role she plays so believably.  In 1968 film Barbarella she plays the “nearly naked” outer space sex symbol that did wonders for her career (and we peasants thought we weren’t right to treat women as sex objects).  In Agnes of God she plays a psychiatrist who traverses the “full gamut of emotion, from nurturer to antagonist, from hard-nosed court psychiatrist and atheist to faith-searching healer.”  In the 2011 film Peace, Love and Misunderstanding, she plays an aging 6o’s hippie.  In The Butler she plays the arch-conservative wife of Ronald Reagan, of which the Guardian states that “by the end the film [itself] seems to be in on the joke.” 

In the Sophist (267c-d), Plato distinguishes between two kinds of “mimetics” (which includes actors and other kinds of imitators), the kind that have knowledge of what they imitate, perhaps a psychologist who actually understands psychiatry, and the kind that are ignorant of what they imitate, perhaps 99% of Hollywood. 

Jane Fonda, known as “Hanoi Jane” after she posed, during the “Vietnam War” with a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down US pilots, should have been charged with treason.  Since, however, she was a striking model and lived in Hollywood fantasyland she was given a pass. Jane understood early that she enjoys “celebrity privilege” and would never be held accountable for anything.  Hence her recent comedic acting performance on The View.

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Richard McDonough

Richard Michael McDonough, American philosophy educator. Achievements include production of original interpretation of Wittgenstein’s logical-metaphysical system, original application Kantian Copernican Revolution to philosophy of language; significant interdisciplinary work logic, linguistics, psychology & philosophy. Member Australasian Debating Federation (honorary life, adjudicator since 1991), Phi Kappa Phi.

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  1. Prof McDonough’s article is packed with facts unlike Fonda’s View appearance packed with a truckload of opinions based upon…nothing. I found his article to be very refreshing!

  2. Who cares what any of the Hollywood elitists have to say about anything. When I was in college in the early 80’s I worked with a Vietnam veteran. He said one of the proudest moments of his life was when he spit on Hanoi Jane. I tend to agree with him.

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