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Jamie Raskin Is Proof Of DC Insanity


I have never been a fan of Jamie Raskin. That is an understatement. I have always thought that Raskin is second only to Adam Schiff as the most obnoxious and out-of-touch member of Congress. He is a person who loves the camera, even with his current bout with cancer and a different fashionable head cover daily. But this Sunday, Raskin was on the CNN opinion show, “State of the Union,” and displayed his warped thinking.

In our current polarized environment, it is not only typical but expected that politicians have to be diametrically opposed to their counterparts on the other side of the aisle. Does that mean they must throw common sense and reality out the window? Apparently so, according to Raskin’s comments.

The first topic was the potential contempt charges by Congress against FBI Director Christopher Wray. Raskin is the Ranking Member of the powerful House Oversight Committee. Representative Jim Comer has been working to get a whistleblower report from the FBI for weeks. The document is not classified, and the whistleblower has been determined to have high credibility. The document, an FD-1023 form, is reported to detail a potential bribe of then Vice President Joe Biden by a foreign government for his support of specific legislation. If true, the offense could lead to impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. Though the FBI falls under the scrutiny of the Oversight Committee, Wray has denied the form to the committee despite a subpoena demanding Wray turn over the document. Wray has finally capitulated that Comer and Raskin could view the document in a Capitol s&if on Monday but could not take possession of the document. This action by Wray does not satisfy the subpoena, but not according to Raskin.

Raskin was adamant that the Republicans were overreacting in proceeding with contempt charges against Wray. He claims that Wray has cooperated completely and done everything asked of him. There is only one truth to a situation. Wray in no way cooperated, and his actions point to the FBI Director protecting the sitting President. This is a black-and-white situation, but Raskin sees it through magical glasses. He could not be more wrong in his assessment and comments.

The second topic involves Biden’s decision not to be active on the campaign trail and refusal to debate any Democrat challengers for his job. Most see Biden’s actions as designed to protect him from his current mental acuity. Biden’s handlers do not want to have Biden in public or in any situation where he may suffer from his usual gaffes. Raskin does not see it that way.

Raskin claims that Biden’s current state of mind should not impact his electability. Raskin feels people should vote for Biden solely on his years of service and accomplishments. Raskin sees no value in discussing Biden’s view of the future or having his views challenged by either Democrat or Republican challengers. Raskin could not be more wrong. Elections are certainly about accomplishments but also the future. If Joe Biden is declining so quickly that many do not see him as fit to be President today, the thought of Joe Biden as President five or six years from now is disconcerting. Raskin saying he is comfortable with Biden and not concerned about his accelerated aging process should direct attention to Raskin’s suitability to serve.

Raskin should be embarrassed by his performance on CNN, but these leaders on the Left are immune to critique and constantly circling the wagons around this President. They best hope these circles don’t become firing squads when the facts about the Bidens start falling.

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