Hunter Skates With Sweetheart Deal, For Now…


Hunter Biden had a great day today as he proved there is a two-tier level of Justice in America. I don’t think of myself as naive, but I honestly thought Hunter Biden would feel some pain from the Justice Department, but I just tortured myself with the possibilities. After a five-year investigation, you would think the folks at Justice would want to save face and at least level a few guilty charges on the derelict son of Joe Biden. Nope, the Justice Department, probably at the direction of The Big Guy, Joe Biden. Biden will deny any involvement in the case.

Hunter also won the daily double today as he negotiated a deal in the Arkansas court where he was contesting child support payments to his daughter, Navy. Navy is Hunter’s daughter and our President’s granddaughter, and neither will acknowledge her existence. That is proof of how strongly the Bidens feel about family and obligations.

It appeared that the Arkansas judge was going to play hardball with Hunter. She insisted he attend any court hearings and that she would be scrutinizing all of his financial records. Hunter was looking for a reduction in his $20,000 a month support decree, and it looked like this trial could do what the Justice Department could not, and that was to explore all of the overseas money traveling into and through Hunter’s accounts. The Bidens could never let this happen as it would surely sink Joe’s reelection bid if not his Presidency. Miraculously, Hunter worked out a deal where he would pay $5,000 per month, and the case would be closed. No investigation into payoffs from Burisma, China, Russia, and Romania. No looking into the dozens of shell companies created by Hunter to funnel money through, and most importantly, no money trail to The Big Guy, who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for now.

The deal with the Justice Department is even more laughable. After five years and God knows how much wasted taxpayer dollars, Hunter will cop a plea deal that is tantamount to a slap on the wrist by one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Instead of going to jail for extorting millions from foreign businesses and governments and never reporting or paying taxes on any of it, he will plead guilty to two minor tax violations. Instead of a felony conviction for misrepresenting, okay, lying on a gun background check, he will be charged with a misdemeanor and get probation. It is convenient to have the last name of Biden. Just think if it were Trump!

Hunter’s lawyers claim the Justice Department’s investigation is now closed, although that is not the official word from Justice. Why would you be negotiating plea deals prematurely if it is still open? You wouldn’t. Justice is totally ignoring all of the information surfacing about payouts to Hunter, Joe, and numerous other Bidens, except for Navy. She gets none of the Burisma cash. They are protecting Hunter and, more importantly, the President. With these two cases settled now, they will not haunt Joe for the remainder of the campaign. Of course, the Congressional Committees are still looking into the Biden money laundering activity, but nobody knows about those except FOX News fans.

The media is already closing the book on this business and playing the sympathy card for Hunter. He was a poor soul caught up in drugs, hookers, and porn who made unfortunate mistakes while smoking Crack. They will play this up as a story of the strength and resilience of the Bidens and condemn anyone who dares say that we have a two-tier system of Justice and Hunter Biden is still the poster child for corruption in Washington. There, I said it.

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