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‘Danced For Dollars’: Women Reportedly Asked About Sexual Histories In Interviews For Bill Gates’ Personal Company

Gates Ventures, Bill Gates’ private office, asked women sexual and drug-related questions during their interview process, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

The third-party contractor conducting the interview reportedly asked the women about extramarital affairs, their pornography preferences, if they took nude photographs and if they had ever “danced for dollars.” These questions were supposedly asked in order to prevent employees from being blackmailed into giving secret information on the Gates’ company, the WSJ reported.

Concentric Advisors, the contractor responsible for the interviews, claims that their interview questions were in compliance with all related laws. However, legal counsel of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission told the WSJ that the questions are “flat out prohibited by the federal Americans With Disabilities Act.”

Concentric’s questions regarding previous drug use could also violate the same law because drug addiction is legally considered a disability. Concentric’s CEO told the WSJ that his company’s protocol is standard for the industry and that the questions are the exact same for men and women.

Security screening includes “assessing a candidate’s truthfulness and vulnerability to blackmail, which often starts with voluntary statements by the candidate with follow-up questions by company interviewers,” a Concentric spokesman told the WSJ.

The accusing women refute these statements, saying that they never volunteered any sexual or drug-related information. The women also claim that their answers to the questions were critical with regard their acception or rejection of the desired position.

This is not Gates’ first run-in with controversy. Gates was investigated in 2019 for a past relationship with a Microsoft employee. More famously, Gates was acquainted with convicted pedophile Jeffery Epstein. Epstein also apparently tried to blackmail Gates using an affair that he had with a Russian bridge player, as reported by the WSJ.

Concentric did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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