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Great Tips From My Great Readers!

With the cost of feeding a family so high, it’s no wonder that so many tips readers submit are geared to help us save money and time in the supermarket and kitchen — with plenty more for all around the house and garage, too.


My tip might seem like a contradiction to “cheapskate” but it has saved our family a fortune. Do not be too much of a cheapskate in the supermarket. Eating out, even at a fast-food restaurant, costs far more than food made at home. So paying an extra buck or two for your favorite bread, buying quality meat and cheese, and picking up a few treats in the supermarket will save you money if it means you won’t be tempted to eat out. The burgers I make at home cost less and are healthier than at the drive-thru. — Margaret B., Australia


When making many meatballs, a fast and simple way is to shape the meat mixture into a log and then cut off slices. The slices roll easily into balls. Another option is to pat the meat into a square and cut it into cubes, which again easily roll into meatballs of uniform size. — Kevin P., New Jersey


Rinse bacon under cold water before frying. This reduces the amount the bacon shrinks by almost 50%. Why? I don’t have a clue, but it’s a fact. — Sarah M., New York


To make a zipper slide up and down more smoothly, rub a candle over the teeth. — Bea T., Wisconsin


Recently, a popular women’s magazine recommended Walmart’s store brand of automatic dishwasher powder detergent as the best buy for the buck. I tried it and loved it. I was a big Cascade fan but find this particular store brand to be superior even to Cascade. And a lot cheaper, too. — Judy B-D., email


I use WD-40 to clean dry-erase markings off my whiteboard. When I started doing this, I wrote to the company to ask if long-term use would harm the board. They didn’t really answer my question, but they did send me a free t-shirt. — Larry E., Indiana


I treat my whiteboard with liquid car wax applied with a soft cloth. This keeps the markers from “ghosting.” — Thomas P., email


Purchase a large bottle of cheap shampoo and use as a pre-treatment for the laundry. It is especially good for the collar ring, as shampoo is formulated to remove body dirt and oil. — Helen Bryant, Massachusetts


When my children have a birthday party, I take a picture of my child with a gift and the child who gave the gift. Instead of writing out thank you cards, I have the child write his or her thanks on the back of the picture. Memories for all! — Tracy L., West Virginia


A great way to avoid cleaning out the dreaded leftovers in the refrigerator is to keep a leftover inventory. Attach a dry erase board on the front of your fridge, and each time you put a leftover in the fridge write it down. Include the date it went in. Then, when you use that leftover, mark it off your list. You’ll save time and money. — Sheila Bowker, Alabama

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Mary Hunt

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