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Chuck Schumer Lays Groundwork For Artificial Intelligence Regulation

Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York is spearheading an effort to regulate artificial intelligence, Axios reported on Thursday.

Schumer is leading the congressional effort to create AI regulations, and has shared a general framework with experts in recent weeks, according to Axios. The proposal would mandate disclosure of an AI algorithm’s trainer and its target audience, disclosure of the origin of the data, a description of how the algorithm generates its responses and clear and powerful ethical guidelines.

The Biden administration released an official request for comment on potential AI regulations Tuesday from the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunication and Information Administration (NTIA). The booming AI industry has caused concern among lawmakers and technologists due to its possible societal consequences, prompting calls for new regulations or a moratorium.

Schumer’s effort is receiving urgent treatment as the U.S. has no desire to fall behind other countries, especially a rapidly advancing China, in AI innovation, sources told Axios. The New York senator’s aim is for the regulations to be sufficiently flexible to adjust to continuous AI development while maintaining a balance between promoting innovation, ensuring security, accountability and transparency.

Schumer intends to improve his proposal in the coming weeks by soliciting feedback from experts in academia, industry and government, according to Axios.

Technologists such as AI researchers, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak recently called for a six-month pause on giant AI experiments, citing concerns including job automation and propaganda, according to the open letter they published on March 22.

Government officials are also concerned about AI’s potential partiality with the White House releasing a 73-page blueprint for an AI bill of rights in October that frequently mentions the terms “discrimination,” “equity” and “bias.” Additionally, OpenAI, an AI research company, released ChatGPT4, the latest version of its powerful chatbot, with impressive results, but acknowledged it produces biased content, according to the company’s report in March.

“We all see the benefits that responsible AI innovation will bring and we want that innovation to happen safely,” said Assistant Commerce Secretary Alan Davidson in an announcement on Tuesday at the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute For Cyber Law, Policy & Security. “But we’re concerned that is not happening today … there are risks of privacy, security and safety — potential bias and discrimination.”

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