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3 Things We Learned About Florida Gov Desantis From His Recent Book

Many people are familiar with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a rising star in the Republican Party. With the publication of his memoir The Courage to Be Free: Florida’s Blueprint for America’s Revival, DeSantis reveals more about how he transformed Florida.

Fans of politicians’ memoirs may expect The Courage to Be Free to focus on either DeSantis’s early life or his political philosophies. The book balances both topics. DeSantis combines stories from his early life with Bible passages that form the foundation of his political philosophy. 

From his love of baseball to his military career, here are a few of the things readers will learn about Ron DeSantis.

Fact 1: DeSantis was “obsessed” with baseball

Born in Jacksonville in 1978, DeSantis grew up in Dunedin on Florida’s Gulf Coast. DeSantis discovered a love of baseball at a young age. He played Little League baseball, eventually playing in the Little League World Series for the Dunedin Nationals all-star team.

For young DeSantis, Dunedin offered more than just Little League. The Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team called Dunedin their spring training home, so DeSantis often watched the team practice. His baseball career continued in college, where he served as the team captain for the Yale University men’s baseball team.

Fact 2: Faith and hard work play a central role in DeSantis’s life.

In his memoir, DeSantis notes the importance of his faith in his life. As a child, the church was an important part of his family’s life. DeSantis attended Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School until eighth grade, and his faith continues to influence his positions on abortion, education, and business.

Throughout his memoir, DeSantis credits hard work for his success. His parents’ work ethic inspired him as a young baseball player and student. He applied this work ethic to his service as an officer in the U.S. Navy. During his time in the Navy, he served with the Judge Advocate General Corps (JAG) at Guantanamo Bay. In 2007, he deployed to Iraq as a member of Seal Team One.

Fact 3: DeSantis credits Donald Trump for his rise on the national stage.

In 2018, Florida voters had many options for the Republican governor’s primary. An endorsement from Donald Trump propelled DeSantis to frontrunner status. In The Courage to Be Free, DeSantis credits Trump’s star power and his policies for reinvigorating the Republican Party.

Readers interested in learning more about the Florida Governor’s meteoric rise can pick up a copy of his book.

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