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Hey Dems, They Are Our Kids, Not Yours


The Democrats united on Friday in opposition to the Parents’ Bill of Rights. The Bill passed in the House of Representatives but will probably die in the Democrat-controlled Senate. This contrast in support is a travesty of infinite proportions and spells out how much the Democrats hold dear their control over our kids. The COVID Pandemic blew the cover over the partnership between the Democrats and the Teacher’s Unions to indoctrinate our children and prevent parents from participating in their children’s education. Terry McAuliffe lost his bid for reelection as Governor of Virginia when he claimed that parents had no place in the educational process. He instantly became the poster child of what is wrong with Democrat thinking regarding our children.

The Parents’ Bill of Rights will keep parents in the education process of their kids and aware of what their children may be divulging to their teachers. These Democrats, who went to the floor in opposition to the Bill, could not have looked more foolish and out of touch with reality. Representative Cortez, who has no children and will probably have none for the sake of the environment, called Republicans fascists for wanting to return control of children back to their parents. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee embarrassed herself by claiming this Parents’ Rights Bill enslaves children. How do you even begin to explain that ludicrous statement made for its sound bite value? Hakeem Jeffries said this Bill proves the Republicans don’t want their children to know about the Holocaust. These are the same people who did remove references to the Holocaust and 9/11 from curriculums and supported the 1619 Project.

Other than working to develop a following of young people that will grow into a Democrat voting block, there is no logical explanation for their motives and actions. There appear to be two focal points to the Left’s agenda. One is to further insulate children from their parents and parents from the process. The other is this obsession with gender neutralization. Neither of these is healthy for children or society. How can the Party that claims to be for the people be so divisive to the family unit?

The bald-faced lies are disconcerting and are at the highest levels. We know we cannot trust anything coming from Biden’s White House, but to see Hakeem Jeffries lie on the House floor is disrespectful. He holds up a book about baseball great Roberto Clemente as an example of an out-of-control book banning by the Right. He knew it was a lie because it had already been debunked, but with complicit media that questions nothing, the stunt and sound bite go unchallenged.

I called it an obsession, but it goes beyond that. The need to protect the effort to influence the gender choices of children through explicit materials in school libraries and counseling by unqualified “therapists,” this concerted effort by Democrats and educators is evil and dangerous.

Parents are calling out their school boards, but it is not enough. The media turns the public against these confrontations by making these parents look to be crazy combatants abusing the local boards. These Democrats need to be called out and the education hierarchy broken. Some Republicans are running on a promise to abolish the Department of Education, and this needs to be supported. Eliminating Randi Weingarten and the rogue teacher’s unions will be a more difficult challenge. The money they pledge to Democrats is their hook, and it is deeply set.

Recovering and protecting our children will not be swift or easy. The Left has a one-hundred-year head start, but we have an ace in the hole. We have the well-being of our children, not the government’s children, as motivation for our fight. There is no more potent cause.

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