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Say Goodbye to Lori Lightfoot

The good people of Chicago are going to the voting places on Tuesday to take back their city and return it to a safe town for their families to live in. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is currently polling a distant third place and is projected to lose her re-election bid, as she should. 

Chicago is the country’s third largest city and has become an illiterate and crime-ridden city under Lighfoot’s watch. Lightfoot is joined by eight other candidates. All have very different solutions to solve Chicago’s crime and education problems but are unified in wanting Lori Lightfoot to be a one-and-done mayor. Lightfoot cannot run on her record, for anyone that can see and hear knows how dangerous the city has become and how costly and ineffective the public education system has become. Lori Lightfoot has failed to deliver on the two most important reasons that people are drawn to a city, safety, and education for their kids.

The latest poll indicates that the people of Chicago have had enough of the Progressive agenda. A new voter opinion survey finds Paul Vallas leading the race for Chicago mayor with 24%, Mayor Lori Lightfoot at 18%, Rep. Chuy Garcia at 16%, and County Commissioner Brandon Johnson at 14.49%. Vallas is the most conservative candidate and has strong ideas to improve education and the police department for the Windy City.

Lightfoot has shown her true colors in this campaign and is using the race card as she sees the election slipping away. She made the following comment to anyone living on the South Side of Chicago:

While speaking to Black voters, Lightfoot said, “any vote coming from the South Side for somebody not named Lightfoot is a vote for Chuy Garcia or Paul Vallas. If you want them controlling your fate and your destiny, then stay home. Then don’t vote.”

The Lightfoot campaign responded quickly, but it was too late. They tried to say that Mayor Lightfoot misspoke and that she urges everyone to exercise their right to vote. Her comments were tantamount to voter suppression And should be condemned. Where is Stacey Abrahms? She should be blasting Lightfoot for her words, but you will never see one Democrat criticize another. Just imagine the outburst had a Republican made that comment.

There is not a single facet of life in Chicago that Lightfoot can claim is better than when she took office. The crime rate is out of sight, with homicides exceeding 700 for three straight years. She has reduced the police force while increasing her detail to 125 officers. The population is falling, and corporations are leaving the city. Even McDonald’s is making noise about closing all of their restaurants in Chicago. She has allowed Ohare Airport to become a homeless camp. The enrollment in Chicago public schools is down, the dropout rate is up, and the cost per student has nearly doubled since 2019. Much more expensive for far less results. 

Hypocrisy is the cornerstone of her life and administration. Tuesday may be the end of her moment in the spotlight. Chicago will be better for her leaving.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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