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‘Partisan Prosecutors’ At Every Level Of Gov’t Are Trying To Stop Trump’s 2024 Bid, Tucker Carlson Says

Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Wednesday that “partisan prosecutors” are using the legal system to try to stop former President Donald Trump’s 2024 bid for the White House.

“Democrats are using the legal system to stop a presidential candidate from running for president,” Carlson, a Daily Caller co-founder and honorary member of the Daily Caller News Foundation board, said. “Now, you don’t have to love Trump – it doesn’t matter. If you believe in our system and want it to continue, you should be outraged. But nobody is saying anything so far as I can tell.”

Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of a special grand jury that investigated the former president and his allies for their efforts to contest the 2020 presidential election’s result, gave multiple interviews on cable networks, including CNN and MSNBC, saying she anticipated indictments to result from the probe and expressing excitement at the possibility of confronting former President Trump.


“Grand juries are supposed to be done in secret. She’s obviously blown through all of that,” Charlie Hurt, opinion editor at The Washington Times, told Carlson. “It raises questions, gee, what else is going on in secret if this is the sort of thing that you wind up with?”

Kohrs also said that Trump’s name was mentioned often during the special grand jury proceedings and told CNN host Kate Bolduan that “there are no major plot twists waiting for you,” according to Fox News.

Kohrs’ media tour prompted backlash from across the political spectrum, including CNN and ABC’s “The View,” whose co-hosts fretted that Kohrs may “destroy” the case against Trump.

“In a normal country, in a democracy, you let voters decide whether you want him to run the country again,” Carlson said. “But no, partisan prosecutors at all levels, state and federal, are trying to prevent him from running for president again. Everyone knows this, no one every says it, but it’s true, it’s happening.”

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