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Spotlight: He Was Safe on a Chicago Roof

Sometimes it takes an individual to show what the government cannot or will not accomplish. This person took up a position on the roof of a Chicago building for nearly a year until his action raised enough money to begin constructing a community center that would serve many in downtown Chicago. The results of his actions are why Reverand Corey Brooks is this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

Being disgusted with the spiraling degradation of Chicago and the rise of Black-on-Black crime, shootings, and death, the Pastor decided to take action and make a difference. Brooks established the New Beginnings Church of Chicago in November 2000 in the heart of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhood. This opportunity was his first glimpse into the despair in Chicago that catalyzed his ongoing efforts to date.

Now, it must be said that living on the rooftop of a Chicago high-rise for nearly a year places Rev. Brooks in one of the safest spots in the Windy City. This action is not the first time Pastor Brooks has taken to the roof.

The Pastor’s first effort received national acclaim when he spent 94 days living on the roof of a rundown motel across the street from the church. It had become a center of drugs, prostitution, and violence. Within three months, he raised enough money to buy the building and tear it down. The land is now earmarked to be the location of a $23 million state-of-the-art community center. The goal of the proposed community center is to offset violence, provide the support necessary to make the neighborhood a safer place, and give children the tools to reach for a brighter future.

Chicago was once one of America’s great cities. Under the leadership, or lack thereof, of Democrat Mayors like Lori Lightfoot, the city is now known as one of the homicide centers of the country. The city is no longer safe, resulting in people and businesses leaving the city in droves. Pastor Brooks is not one to give up on the city he loves.

Pastor Brooks and his wife Delilah have fully invested in the community of Woodlawn on Chicago’s South Side. He and his wife spearhead a community initiative called Project H.O.O.D. to revitalize the neighborhood. Project H.O.O.D. programming includes a Core and Carpentry Level I course, which places participants in entry-level construction jobs post-program, an entrepreneurship course, separate business workshops for aspiring and new business owners, a co-working office space for business owners, job placement programs, and community-wide events including The World’s Largest Baby Shower.

We cannot rely on the government to solve our decaying society’s and cities’ woes. People in power have no interest in being part of the solution. Chicago is not alone. Baltimore, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are some of the darkest stories of the last fifty years. The sad thing is that the people in office who have watched these cities crumble are often returned to office again and again.

That lack of leadership is why we need people like Reverend Brooks and Delilah. They are not spectators but players in the solution, which is why we need to sing their praises and support and pray for their success.

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