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How to Have a Fire in the Fireplace Without the Hassle

A crackling fire creates comfort and warmth, but it comes with a lot of work and a big mess. There is a way to have your fire and your relaxation too.

Shoveling out the ashes from the fireplace, building the fire, and continually poking, rearranging, and adding wood make running the fireplace a dreaded chore – but no more.

How to Heat the House with a Fireplace, But Without The Hassle

Amazon product image for Fireplace Heater

I purchased this fantastic TURBRO Eternal Flame 26-Inch Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Log Heater for $151.99 (list price: $209.99) on the Amazon Prime Early Access sale. It arrived the next day (today), heats over 1000 square feet, has a thermostat, has amazing backlight features, and looks absolutely gorgeous!

I wish I had found something like this ages ago!

In the past, when it wasn’t quite cold enough to need a fire, we didn’t light one, but with this amazing electric log space heater, I can just turn on the fire effects or set the heater to a low enough temperature so that it doesn’t come on. All the beauty without the heat – and none of the mess.

Huge Safety Benefits

It is a space heater, so safety is a concern. But, this little jewel sits in a fireplace where even if it somehow spontaneously erupted in flames, umm, it’s in the fireplace. It does have overheating protection so it will shut down if it gets too hot.

Easy Setup

The heater comes completely set up. All you have to do is place it in the fireplace, choose your settings with the included remote, plug in the 6-foot heavy gauge electric cord and enjoy. You will need to supply two triple-A batteries for the remote. Also, remember to remove the protective paper from the rear of the heater before use or you won’t get the full effect of the backlight flames. Don’t ask how I know…

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