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Four Delicious Drinks That Are Good for You

Everyone has their favorite go-to drinks, whether they consider them guilty pleasures or beverages they can feel good about consuming. While you probably have fond memories of sipping an iced drink in the backyard in the summertime, the fall, in particular, is a season for delicious drinks. As the weather gets chilly and you feel like bundling up, warm drinks make a comeback, but ice-cold drinks still hit a sweet spot year round. Whether you’re looking to learn of new favorite drinks or already know which fall beverages you’re excited for, there are a lot of choices available.

Unfortunately, sometimes the saying “If it tastes bad, it must be good for you” pertains to beverages, as well as its direct counterpart: If it tastes good, it’s probably bad for you. This is certainly the case with some drinks (like your favorite coffee shop latte loaded with caffeine, syrups, and sugar), but there are many scrumptious beverages changing the accuracy of this statement. We can name four delicious drinks you can enjoy today that are just as good for you as they are tasty. Keep reading to discover your new favorite (and guilt-free) drink!

Hot Brewed Tea

Tea is an all-natural beverage that will help keep you healthy in a variety of ways, depending on the blend. Drinking tea can also be a great way to consume your required daily water intake. You can drink it hot or iced, but you will want to first steep your tea in hot water and then pour it over ice if you’re craving a cold drink. You don’t need to drink your tea plain, as natural sweeteners like honey and agave complement the flavors of tea and are also good for you. Be careful about drinking your tea with less healthy additives like sugar, cream, and flavored syrups; a little bit of these in moderation are fine, but keep an eye on your daily intake of these ingredients.

Sparkling Wellness Herbal Tonic

If you’re on the cold drink team, no matter the season, you probably get sick of hearing about warm coffee and tea drinks as soon as the weather cools down. Refreshing cold drinks hit the spot in a way a hot drink never can, which makes them perfect to stock up on. A sparkling herbal tonic that is organic, plant-based, and packed with superfoods is the way to go!

Sunwink’s sparkling wellness herbal tonics come in delicious flavors that each support a different area of your health. The Digestion Lemon Tonic promotes gentle digestion through soothing ingredients, the Hibiscus Mint Unwind Tonic is perfect for when you’re ready to kick back, and the Turmeric Recover Tonic supports circulation, to name only a few flavors. Although the herbal tonics taste like a refreshing burst of bubbly flavor, they are made with only natural ingredients that you actually want to consume. For a drink that reminds you of your favorite sparkling cooler (but without the alcohol) and promotes your overall wellness, a herbal tonic is the answer.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is another enjoyable way to get your daily water intake. Of course, water is the most healthy drink that you can consume, and while that sip of ice cold water when you’re hot tastes amazing, it’s not always considered the most delicious drink. Sparkling water gives you the bubbles you associate with your favorite soda, but still allows you to stay hydrated with good old H20.

For an extra burst of flavor and a sophisticated pop of color, infuse your sparkling water, or still water, with fruits and herbs. A few delicious combos are strawberry and mint, blueberry and raspberry, and pear and cucumber. For a more fall-esque taste, try the combo of apple, plum, and cinnamon stick.

Homemade Hot Chocolate

You may be surprised that homemade hot chocolate makes the list of delicious drinks that are good for you! The key is making your hot cocoa to support your health, though, rather than drinking powder hot chocolate packets that are filled with artificial ingredients and sugar. The reason why hot chocolate can be a healthy drink lies in the cocoa powder—this ingredient comes from cocoa beans, as does its even healthier brother, cacao powder. These powders are similar, but differ in how they are processed; they give you healthy minerals and antioxidants, which makes them tasty and good for you.

Depending on the milk you use to make your hot chocolate, you’ll add additional protein, minerals, or vitamins to your drink. Stay away from sugary sweeteners and flavors when making this drink; instead, opt for maple syrup, honey, agave, vanilla extract, or stevia.

You don’t need to sacrifice delicious flavor in order to find a drink that is healthy for you. These four beverage options promise to satisfy your taste buds and keep your body running its best so you can drink them without guilt!

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