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Easy Ways to Decorate for the Holidays: Everything You Need to Know

Another year is almost over, and before you know it, the holidays will be here once again. Enjoy the season this year! Don’t let the pressure of decorating cause you to miss out on all the magical moments the holiday season offers.

It doesn’t have to be stressful to fill your home with holiday cheer. Simple products like command hooks can make hanging holiday decorations a breeze—no need to struggle with tangled lights this year. Tree Dazzler reviews ensure that lights are quick and easy to throw on your tree.

These tips and tricks make it easy to decorate for the holidays. They will have your house feeling holly and jolly – even if you wait to decorate until the week before Christmas. 

Start With the Tree

Nothing will bring the Christmas spirit into your home quite like a Christmas tree! You can choose a real tree or keep it simple and invest in a quality fake tree you can reuse for years.

Set it up in your living room in an area where it can pull focus. Put on some Christmas tunes, make hot cocoa, and decorate the tree with your favorite ornaments. Make an event of decorating the tree as a family.

Avoid Tangled Lights with the Tree Dazzler

The first step to decorating your Christmas tree is to hang the lights. Usually, this is easier said than done. The long strands of lights always get twisted and tangled in storage. Rather than getting into the holiday spirit, you’re frantic and frustrated trying to untie a string of lights that somehow tied itself into a thousand knots.

Tree Dazzler reviews state that the Star Show Tree Dazzler makes hanging lights on your tree easier than ever. Simply place the top unit on the tip of your Christmas tree and arrange the long vertical strands.

Not only is it easy to install, but Tree Dazzler reviews how customizable these lights are. The Star Show Tree Dazzler comes with 16 different light show settings – your tree will be sure to sparkle and shine!

100% of Tree Dazzler reviews recommend using this product to simplify holiday decorating, which puts it on our must-buy list for this Christmas season.

Gift Your Children Ornaments

Next, you’ll want to add ornaments to your tree. Start an ornament collection for your family by gifting your children a unique new ornament each Christmas. They’ll enjoy finding their new ornament on the tree. Then, once they have grown, they’ll have a collection they can bring to their new home.

Building a collection of meaningful Christmas ornaments is a lifetime process. Collect ornaments along your travels. Check sales at the end of the Christmas season to snag the best deals. In the meantime, fill empty space with traditional orb ornaments to make your special ones stand out!

Save the Trimmings

If you use a real tree, you’ll have to trim down the bottom branches to get it into the stand. Save those extra pieces and use them to make a chic centerpiece. Either stand them in vases with some water to keep them fresh or lay them flat along a white table runner with gold ribbon and extra ornaments.

Bedazzle Your Banister

Make your staircase sparkle and shine this holiday season. Hang lights or evergreen boughs along your banister. It only takes a few minutes to wrap around the railing and will help your house feel decorated from top to bottom.

Create a Makeshift Mantle

Hang your stockings with care, even if you don’t have a fireplace. Use a shelf, bookcase, or bar cart to create a makeshift mantle to hang your family’s stockings. Add the stockings to your banister decorations. Or make it a DIY project and turn an old coat rack into a mantle by stamping on a holiday phrase and hanging stockings from the hooks.

A Little Ribbon Goes a Long Way

Ribbon is a simple and affordable way to add holiday decor to your kitchen cabinets. Simply tie an elaborate bow and attach it to the cabinet’s interior with strong double-sided tape. Use the ribbon to make each cabinet look like a present waiting to be opened.

You can also use curled ribbons along your dining table to add texture to your centerpiece or hang colorful ribbons on your tree to add dimension. Plus, you can use any extra ribbon to add flair to your gifts.

Use Command Hooks to Hang Decorations

Don’t put nails on the wall just to hang Christmas lights and stockings. Use Command Hooks to attach decorations to your walls and banisters without damaging the paint. When it’s time for the decorations to come down, just pull on the tab to remove any hooks or light clips effortlessly.

They even have some that will work on the exterior of your house to make hanging outdoor lights more manageable than ever. Hang lights along your windows to share the holiday twinkle with your neighbors.

Make lighting the outdoors easier by hanging a Tree Dazzler on your bushes! Tree Dazzler reviews claim they work just as well outdoors. The neighbors will assume you spent hours creating the epic light show.

Light Festive Candles

Indulge all your senses this Christmas! Light a few holiday-scented candles and bring the scent of a pine forest or gingerbread house into your home. A candle will help you feel relaxed and cozy as you settle into the upcoming holiday season, totally stress-free.

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