Does Anyone Really Know What Actually Happened at the Pelosi House?

As the Editor-in-Chief at CDN, I have held off on printing much of anything on the Paul Pelosi hammering/hammered incident. Not because I want to bury something, but because the story has come in bits and pieces and those pieces don’t fit together as nicely as CNN would have you believe.

Hours after the incident that occurred around 2 am at the Pelosi mansion, mainstream media reported that someone had attacked Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer. So far, that fact holds up. But the facts supposedly based on official police reports keep changing. First, the police arrived for a “welfare check” and were let in by an unknown person. Then, we were told that they were forced to break the glass of a backyard glass door to gain entry. One report said that the police had to kick the front door in to rescue Mr. Pelosi. Now they say that either Mr. Pelosi or David WhatsHisNuts opened the door but the police aren’t sure which. Seriously? They don’t know who opened the door?

Then came the really confusing bits. First, David Whatever-his-name-is, was in his underwear, then he wasn’t. Then they started adding facts. He had zip ties. Then he also had duct tape. Then he wanted to kneecap Speaker Pelosi. Pictures showed a backyard glass door broken, but there was as much glass outside as in.. not typical of a break-in or police breaking in. So, of course, normal people are skeptical.

CNN spent Monday focusing the narrative to say that some crazy dude who likes MAGA stuff wanted to kidnap the Speaker of the House.

Well, maybe. But, the attacker had a Black Lives Matter sign in his window, a pride flag with marijuana symbols in front of his property, lived in Berkeley, is a Castro supporter, and likes living in a bus. Totally sounds like a Trump supporter.

Also, where is the police bodycam footage? The 9-1-1 call? The home security footage? Actually, the Pelosis have already said they don’t intend to release the video from their home security system.

Later Monday, America learned that David DeWhatever gained entry into the house through an unsecured back door. No alarm system? How did he know that door was unlocked? Did he try all of them until he found it?

So, pardon us CNN for questioning the ever-changing narrative on what did or didn’t happen at the Pelosi house. Mr. Pelosi is known to drink … a lot … and 2 am is when clubs/bars close. While I don’t know what happened, I do know that this constantly-morphing tale just doesn’t feel right.

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  1. A. who gives a Rats As* about Pelosi’s, they are both vile ,evil ,people craving attention. Nobody should be attacked but she has ruined so many others lives without any remorse —its Karma doing her job! .

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