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Seven Cozy Gift Ideas for Fall

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Fall is just around the corner, and the Jewish new year presents many opportunities to buy gifts for friends and loved ones.  Fall is not as warm as other seasons, so it is important to consider gifts that might make your friends warm up a little bit.  In the fall, temperatures can descend from the seventies to the forties, so it can be very cold for those of us who are used to the warmer weather.  Weather does not always allow us to go outside.  The logistics become more difficult in the colder months.  There is only so much one can do outside during November or December.  At least, one needs a coat.  Perhaps a warm beverage may allow one to feel more at-home as it becomes colder outside.  Some people like to be outdoors all year long, so it is important to get a warm gift for your outdoorsy friends.  There are many gifts from which to choose in terms of items that warm people up.  Here are a few great examples of items you may purchase for a friend or loved one during the fall.

1.   A Nice Cup of Tea

Tea gifts are a great place to start because they can make your friend feel warm, whether he or she is outside or inside a particularly drafty house.  Tea gifts can range from different flavors of tea to receptacles out of which to drink tea.  Maybe your friend could use a receptacle out of which to drink any warm drink, including coffee.  Tea presents a culinary world as complex as that of coffee.  Flavors range from tangy and tart to sweet and nutty, so do not make the mistake of thinking that coffee is inherently more complex: This is not true!

2.   An Iridescent Double-Wall Glass Mug

Iridescent Double-Wall Glass Mugs are unique mugs that allow for further enjoyment of tea.  This mug will allow your tea to stay warm for more time, while its exterior prevents your hand from being burned by the tea.  Plus, this mug is very shiny.  Every cup of tea is as shiny as it is magical.  It is of an average size, able to contain about eight ounces of liquid.  Pick one up for a good friend, today.

3.   A Thermos

A thermos is great for someone who wants to drink or eat something hot on-the-go.  When the seasons change, a thermos can also keep food or liquid cold.  Essentially, a thermos is more resistant to changes in temperature than it is resistant to the cold, so it is effective without regard to the season.  Your friend may feel free to fill a thermos with soup as well as coffee or tea.  Thermoses are usually quite big, so it is unlikely that your friend will not find a use for a thermos.

4.   A Space Heater

It is generally hard for a house’s heating system, especially a large house’s heating system, to heat all spaces, so a space heater may be a good thing for a friend of yours to put near a window.  A space heater is a small device that emits heat throughout a cold space. Technologically speaking, it is quite primitive, but it may meet your friends’ needs for warmth, so you should consider purchasing one as a gift.

5.   A Sweater

Sweaters are thick shirts that keep people warm without being full-on coats.  Because fall is not as cold as winter, your friend may like to receive a sweater.  Sweaters can be comfortable and ugly at worst or comfortable and stylish at best, but it is okay to settle for the former.  Sweaters are not usually worn for fashion reasons anyway, and your friend will not mind the kitsch inherent to an ugly sweater.  Ugly sweaters offer their own sort of charm, which many may enjoy.

6.   A Bird Feeder

Consider a gift for the ornithologist in your life.  In the fall, while many birds, like geese, disappear, other birds, like cardinals and blue jays, reappear.  This presents new experiences to laymen and ornithologists, alike.  Giving your friend a bird feeder might be seen as thoughtful because such a gift may regard the actual personality of the one receiving the gift.

7.   A Gift Card

Gift cards are effective because all you need to do to come up with a thoughtful gift is to discern what type of store your friend visits most often.  Ballparking the mere type of store might be good enough.  Otherwise, all you are doing is giving your friend money, and that is no fun because that is not thoughtful.  You might also offer a gift card that resonates with the season.  Consider gift cards for coffee shops or clothing shops.  That way, your friends will be able to purchase warm gifts for themselves.

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