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No to Festerman

While Dr. Oz is not a strong candidate and may not be the one voters in Pennsylvania were hoping for – he is far better than Fetterman who wants to bring far-left socialistic ideas to the state.

“What Bernie wants to do for the United States, I want to do here in Pennsylvania,” Fetterman said on the campaign trail.

Fetterman first pledged to ban fracking in PA, but walked that back later. He did call Biden’s cancelation of the XL pipeline “the right call.”

He is against any limits on abortion up to the point of birth, wants to get as many people out of prison as possible, supports open borders, and believes biological men should be able to play women’s sports.

Fetterman is a tax-and-spend liberal that will hurt the Pennsylvania economy and the only answer on him should be “no.”

Commentary by Editor-in-Chief R. Mitchell. Editorial cartoon by Tom Stiglich (@TStig822).

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Tom Stiglich

Starting at a young age Tom Stiglich fell in love with cartooning. This lifelong endeavor has landed Stiglich in the most prominent papers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, TIME Magazine and more.

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