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California School District Pressures Teachers To Aid Students’ Gender Transitions

A California school district is pressuring teachers to aid students in their gender transitions, according to guidance made public Wednesday.

The Sacramento Unified School District in Sacramento, California, issued guidance for “Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Students” which advises teachers to make accommodations for students who transition. Schools and teachers are told to keep students’ transition status a secret at school, under the guidance.

“Schools should be prepared to support transgender students who choose to transition while in school,” the guidance stated. “Schools should not discourage transgender students or their families from a public transition simply because it requires additional planning. Regardless of whether a student’s transition is public or private, schools should be prepared for a variety of contingencies that could occur. Schools should continue to support students beyond their transition to ensure that the school environment remains a safe and supportive place to learn.”

It is up to the transitioning students to decide who should know about their transition, the guidance stated. A student can request to have their name changed on any school documents including school ID and diplomas, as well as in the district’s electronic system.

Educators are also expected to help a transitioning student make arrangements for restrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity, the guidance said. Students are also permitted to participate in school sports and physical education classes based on their gender identity.

The school has an “obligation” to allow a transitioning student to room with those who share the same gender identity on overnight trips and are not to notify the other students and parents of the transitioning students’ status, the guidance read.

The school district also offered training on “How To Be A Transgender Ally,” according to public school documents. The training taught educators to “normalize gender exploration and gender variance” and teach others that it is not “sick or disgusting.”

Educators were trained to make their work “trans-friendly” by making it known to their colleagues that they accept gender diversity and “trans-people,” according to the public school documents.

Sacramento Unified School District did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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