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You Don’t Need to be an Interior Designer to Make Your Home Look Good

Luxury living room with stobe fireplace and leather sofas, cherry hardwood and nice rug.

You would not believe how much time I’ve spent designing my home. Now, I have some time-consuming hobbies. I have seen too many episodes of tv to even count. I’ve played video games till I’ve worn a hole in the disc, and I recently just started a spice garden. The common theme of all these fun little side distractions, of course, is that they require a fairly large mental commitment. And let me tell you. Even as someone who has no problem spending the equivalent hours of a college course on something as silly as the adventures of a cartoon pirate. Nothing could ever prepare me for the amount of thought, and time it took me to finally get my space together. I swear, I could write an epic about this that would rival The Iliad, but instead, I figured I’d use that energy to help guide you on your journey from turning your house into a home!

Paying Tribute to the Heart of Your Home

 Now you’ll have to forgive me first and foremost because designing a space is an art form and like making any great art, you have to get in touch with your feelings. So if you’re not a particularly woo-y individual my apologies, but for everyone else let’s dive in! When you’re talking about a home. And I want to make a distinction here. We are talking about a home, not a house. A home is somewhere where you feel safe. Somewhere comfortable that you can be yourself. Where you share a bottle of wine with the girl you love. Where your best friend tells you that he’s engaged. This is a place where you make memories that will last forever. A house on the other hand. Is a sterile environment. It may feature some of the trendiest design choices, and a water feature to die for. But it is a place where you worry more about your friend spilling their glass rather than what they are trying to say to you. A house serves a function, but a home serves a life. So with this in mind let’s talk about the hearth of your home. 

How to Choose Your Hearth

In the olden days, the hearth of your home was your fireplace. It was a place where you could warm yourself up after a hard day out in the elements. A place where the whole family could gather and talk about their day and share stories. It’s a place of warmth and family and serves as a gathering spot for everyone who’s staying with you. Now as I’m sure most of my readers are aware. In these modern times, we live in. A fireplace isn’t a guarantee in most people’s homes. This begs the question. How can we create that same sense of serenity in our dwellings that we did all those years ago? Well, we’ve got a couple of options. I suggest you pick. Either the living room or the kitchen. It’s up to you, wherever you spend more time. But if you’re looking to create a place in your home with the utmost sense of family and warmth. It’s a good idea to start investing that energy asap. Now, what do I mean about investing your energy?

Investing Wisely

Investing your energy is essentially the same thing as investing your time. It’s all the little things you do to your space to make it sing in your style. Whether it’s the Blue curtains you stayed up all night searching for, or that little figure you got for yourself. Yeah it’s dorky and it might not match with the rest of your space, but you contain multitudes so, of course, your residence should too. You see it’s these little touches. That lamp that’s a little kitschy but you love it, the hand towels that feature your favorite kind of flower. These are energetic investments. They’re little dollops of an authentic you that creates a vibe that everyone wants to hang in!

When you’re looking through a design catalog. Or you’re watching some hot-shot young designer tear apart someone’s home. Most of us notice something lacking in the result. You see these are not spaces that are meant to be lived in. They are essentially just stages to show off an imagined life that is far from the reality of most people’s existence. When you want to be inspired by someone’s home, think about the homes you’ve been in. Think about your friends’ clever solution to a seating problem. Think about the night you slept on that couple’s couch and how close it felt to your own home. This is what allows a house to transcend into something past a shelter or a dwelling. It is these personal specialized seasonings that elevate a house, into a home! 

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