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Power BI in Cloud Computing

Data analysis and visualization are the primary functions of Microsoft’s Power BI, a business intelligence tool. Using this approach, an organization can make data-driven decisions by fusing business analytics with data visualization and best practices. As a result of the Power BI platform, Gartner named Microsoft a Leader in the “2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform” in February 2019.

What does Power BI stand for?

Microsoft’s Power BI is a business analytics service that allows you to visualize and share your data. In order to create interactive dashboards and Business Intelligence reports, it transforms data from various sources.

Data is pulled together and processed by Power BI before being turned into meaningful insights through visually appealing and easy-to-understand charts and graphs. Using this method, users can create and distribute useful snapshots of their business.

Excel spreadsheets, databases, and cloud-based and on-premise apps are all supported by Power BI.

Why is Power BI important?

In the BI field, there are many reasons why Power BI is so popular and necessary.

      Access to a Huge Variety of Data from a variety of sources.

Power BI has the ability to integrate massive amounts of data from a variety of sources. It gives you access to massive amounts of data that Excel simply cannot handle. Excel, CSV, XML, JSON, and PDF are just a few of the popular data formats that Power BI can work with. When importing and caching data from a.PBIX file, Power BI makes use of advanced compression algorithms.

      Interactivity in User Interface/User Experience Design

With Power BI, data is presented in an appealing manner. All formatting can be copied and pasted between similar visualizations using the simple drag-and-drop functionality.

      Excel integration is exceptional.

Power BI makes it easier to collect, analyze, publish, and share Excel-based business data. Excel queries, data models, and reports can be easily linked to Power BI Dashboards by anyone familiar with Office 365.

      Accelerate the Preparation of Big Data using Azure

It’s possible to analyze and distribute massive amounts of data using Power BI and Azure. Data scientists, data engineers, and business analysts can all work together more effectively with the help of an Azure data lake.

      Take Action on what you’ve learned.

In order to make data-driven business decisions, Power BI allows you to gain insights from your data and turn those insights into actions.

      Stream Analytics in real-time

Stream Analytics can be performed in real-time using Power BI. It enables you to access real-time analytics from a variety of sensors and social media sources, so you can always make business decisions.

The Architecture of Power BI.

Microsoft Azure serves as the foundation for Power BI’s architecture. Power BI can connect to a large number of different data sources. It’s possible to create reports and visualizations using Power BI Desktop on the dataset. For reporting and analytics, the Power BI gateway connects to on-premise data sources. To publish Power BI reports and visualizations, you need to use cloud services like Power BI. It’s easy to stay connected to their data using Power BI mobile apps from any location. There are Power BI applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Services provided by the Power BI platform

When it comes to Microsoft’s Power BI service, it’s the Software as a Service (SaaS) component. It’s also known as Power BI Online. If you want to use the Power BI service, you must first log in.

The following screenshot shows what your Power BI Service home page looks like when you first log in:

Tools and features that are part of Power BI

In-Depth Search

Power Query is the data transformation and mashup engine. With its help, you can locate and link disparate data sources, combine them, and refine them to meet your analysis needs. Excel add-ins and Power BI Desktop integration are both options.

It is possible to create data models, establish relationships, and create calculations using Power Pivot. Simple and complex data can be modeled using the DAX language.

The View from the Top

Excel, Sharepoint, SQL Server, and Power BI all feature Power View. It enables you to create data-driven visualizations such as interactive charts, graphs, and maps. For each data visualization element or the entire report, it can connect to and filter data from various sources.

Map of Power

Excel and Power BI users can use Microsoft’s Power Map for Excel and Power BI to create 3-D maps of their data, which can then be plotted on Bing maps from an Excel table or a Data Model in Excel in 3-D format Based on latitude and longitude (or country-state-city-street-address information), Power Map uses Bing maps to get the most accurate visualization possible.

The Power BI Desktop

A development tool for the Power Pivot, the Power Query, and the Power View features of the Power BI Desktop is also available. Using Power BI Desktop, it is easier to gain experience in BI and data analysis because everything is under one roof.

Powerful Question and Answer

Using Power BI’s Q&A feature, you can answer questions about the data you’re looking at. Natural language queries are the quickest way to get answers from your data. For instance, how much money were you able to make last year? Using Power BI, you can ask questions and get answers quickly once you’ve built and deployed your data model.


If you’ve read this article, you got to know why Power BI is necessary for Business Intelligence, what Power BI is, and what Power BI can do. In addition, you became familiar with Power BI Service, as well as how to build a dashboard in Power BI and the overall design. As a final exercise, you used Power BI Desktop’s features to create various visualizations to analyze financial data.

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