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Biden Admin Hands NYU $40,000 To Probe Why Kids Allegedly Favor ‘Whiteness And Maleness’

President Joe Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is in the process of dishing out roughly $40,000 to New York University (NYU) for researchers to study why kids supposedly “favor whiteness and maleness over other identities,” a federal grant summary shows.

The grant, which is titled “Societal Assumptions Regarding Typical Personhood and Their Effects On Reasoning Development,” is through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and it was issued in February. There is a “national crisis in racial and gender diversity,” the NIH says, and white men are “vastly overrepresented” in clinical research, politics and media.

“To address this issue, we must understand when and how the tendency to view white males as default people develops across childhood, as well as the environmental factors that underlie this phenomenon,” the grant summary says.

The NYU study will last for three years, according to the grant summary. It seeks to probe why children might “activate a white male default go guide social reasoning” and also the “sociocultural and ecological factors” that may block kids from preferring whiteness and maleness.

Brian Harrison, the HHS chief of staff under former President Donald Trump, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that the NYU study is only the latest example of Biden’s HHS wasting taxpayer dollars on “divisive social policies” while the U.S. is $30 trillion in debt.

“At the same time, HHS hasn’t responded to my request to define a woman, something that impacts numerous programs and would cost zero tax dollars,” said Harrison. “HHS also claims they don’t have enough resources to simply review the burdens their current regulations are causing millions of Americans. Absurd.”

A current staff scientist at the National Cancer Institute, which is an agency under the NIH, told TheDCNF the grant assumes white males are overrepresented in clinical trials. While there are underrepresented populations in the cancer field, for instance, evidence shows this has to do with factors irrespective of racism, he said.

“My problem with this grant, and involvement of NIH funds, is that the grant is based on a non-sequitur connection between young children’s beliefs and enrollment on clinical trials among other things,” said the scientist, who requested anonymity out of fear of reprisal. “What possible connection does a child’s view of race or gender have with the importance of boosting enrollment of underrepresented racial groups on clinical trials?”

The NIH did not respond to TheDCNF’s request for comment, nor did the HHS or NYU.

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