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Why use a proxy?

Today it is almost impossible to imagine our day without the Internet. We browse interesting things, scroll social network feeds, and work on the world wide web. And even though the systems nowadays involve integrated security systems, you never know what can happen. You may need to search for Indian proxy sites and meet the source. 

What is a proxy server?

To start from the basics, what is a proxy? Its primary function is to serve as a shield so that your personal or corporative computer is safe from data theft or hacker attacks. For this, a proxy server functions as an intermediary. The work process begins when you send some request to be found. Without a proxy, you would send this request directly to the website, which would cause security problems. The issue is that your request has information about:

  • your IP address (which in its turn defines your location);
  • the time when the request was made;
  • the contents of the request itself.

Collecting this data can discover your browsing habits and give more information about what lifestyle you have. Finally, it can be a bait for frauds haunting your credit card info. When you use a proxy, you protect yourself, depending on what proxy type you choose. 

How do different proxy types work?

There are several types of proxy servers to consider:

  • transparent – lets the webservers see your IP;
  • anonymous – hides IP;
  • distorting – makes the webservers see the false IP address;
  • high-anonymity – passes along a false IP address and changes it from time to time. 

The server identifies itself as a proxy when passing your request to the needed webserver. The proxy type determines the service price, but it is not the only factor that impacts how much it costs. 

There is also a differentiation of residential and mobile proxies. It is logical to assume that these proxies are distorting and high-anonymity because they assign your device false IP addresses. On, you can find plans for both residential and mobile proxies.

Benefits of using one

Using a proxy server allows you to use certain benefits. Depending on what you need, you can choose plans on and try them for only $1.99. 

So, with a proxy server working as a gateway for you, you can:

  • control and monitor how people use the network – it touches upon your children or employees;
  • save bandwidth and thus, raise the overall network performance – it becomes possible with a caching function;
  • hide your private or corporate data;
  • provide safer work for both your remote employees and you;
  • make it possible to visit websites blocked in your location.

Some points are more advantageous for private users, others – for businesses. 

As you can see, proxy servers make it possible to secure your data and enhance the network speed. Also, it allows you to reach the pages with access denied. All of this suggests the high reliability of the provider and, with, you can find the desired confidence that your data is hidden and secure. 

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