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How Should I Dress to Look More Masculine?

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Never underestimate the power of dressing the part. It’s a step up from “fake it til you make it”, because you’re practically improving your style to make a stronger impression on the world.

If your goal is to look and act more masculine, why not start with how you dress?

While there may not be an official blueprint for masculine style, there are steps you can take to dress in a more masculine manner right now.

Here are some basics of masculine style that you can employ right away and start making that strong, bold impression that makes you stand out in every scenario.

Pick an Archetype

Do you picture yourself as the clean-cut businessman, the laid-back surfer, or the leather-clad bad boy biker? These aren’t the only male style archetypes out there, but you get the idea: decide what category appeals to you and start building a wardrobe in that direction.

There’s no wrong answer here, as long as you pick clothes that are true to you and how you want to be perceived. Select your archetype, add key pieces, and start working them in.

It may take weeks, months, or even years to feel completely comfortable with that new style, but you’ll master the look eventually.

Fit Makes the Difference

No matter how you envision your revamped, masculine style, one thing is certain: those clothes will look best when they fit correctly.

Forget the oversized and skinny trends for a moment. The most effective looks are all about fit, and you should always choose clothes that flatter your physique from head to toe.

The goal here is to accentuate the shoulders, minimize the waist, and show off your best features, whether it’s a strong back or chiseled chest. When your clothes fit right, you can convey these rugged good looks without ever having to take off your shirt.

Learn to Layer

Flip through any men’s magazine or social media page to see that the best-dressed guys are always working with multiple layers of clothes, adding depth and dimension to their style.

As a guy, you have the advantage of using undershirts, light layered button-ups, vests, jackets, overcoats, and countless other pieces of flair to create bold and original looks from scratch.

When you become more advanced, you can start incorporating hats, scarves, and utility items to piece together a look that’s 100% your own. An added benefit is more comfort and flexibility throughout the seasons. You’ll always have the right style for the occasion.

As a practical step, organize your wardrobe by layer and start building from there. Begin with neutral t-shirts and undershirts, then work your way up to button-downs, jackets, coats, and more. Fill in the gaps over time and you’ll have an easy mix-and-match setup for quick styling.

Elevate Your Footwear

There may not be a magic pill to dressing in a more masculine way, but improving your footwear game is a high-impact move. Look around and you’ll see most guys wearing the same boring, beat-up sneakers (or flip flops), and realize it’s not that hard to stand out.

Learn the basics of men’s shoe styles, starting with casual and street (the canvas lace-ups and slip-ons), then start exploring loafers, chukkas, casual dress shoes, and formalwear. Don’t forget to add some boots to the mix, which are a fashion hack for every guy.

You may spend a bit more on shoes than you expected upfront, but it will be worth it when your outfits come together perfectly.

Create Timeless Looks

Ever wonder why celebrity photos from the 60s and 70s are so inspiring to this day?

It’s because men like Steve McQueen and Robert Redford had a timeless style that looks good in any era or setting.

Before you buy a new piece or switch up your style, ask yourself if you’d still shine if you step into another decade in the past or future. Masculinity has no expiration date, and this mindset will also save you some money in the meantime.

Add Masculine Accessories

It’s no coincidence that the world’s most fashionable, masculine men have a knack for wearing accessories with effortless cool. Any movie star, musician, or athlete will bring some extra flavor to a public appearance or photoshoot with necklaces, watches, bracelets, pendants, and more.

This can be an intimidating step for some guys, but finding masculine jewelry has never been easier or more affordable. Start with something straightforward like a gold wolf pendant and work your way up to more extravagant, expensive items.

Remember that all the above rules apply to accessories as well, so make sure your chosen piece is timeless, natural, and fits with your overall desired look.

Dress Like the Man You Want to Be

You’ll be shocked at how soon your confidence skyrockets once you master the masculine style. These tips will get you on the right track, so take some chances, and start building that wardrobe today.

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