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Top 5 House Buying Companies for cash in 2022

The bulk of home-buying businesses follows a similar business model. They purchase homes to resell, flip, or invest in the market. They are cash home buyers who can act quickly, sometimes even making rapid bids; they seek to offer less money than would typically be accepted on market value. Here is a list of top Flat Fee MLS Florida companies.

While most homeowners prefer a traditional sale, there are times when selling to a cash-for-houses company makes sense, particularly if you made a fair offer.

Benefits of Companies that buy houses for cash in Florida

  • Most home-buying companies acquire houses or repair them themselves, so there’s less fuss. You won’t have to negotiate repairs with potential buyers or worry about home maintenance.
  • Individual buyers regularly request restrictions or run into financial issues, so they need certainty. Your deal is less likely to fall through when you sell to a company.


Houzeo is the most popular and competitive platform for sellers looking for low-cost full-service organizations to expose them to the most cash buyers with the least interaction with real estate agents. 

Pros of Houzeo

  • Syndicated listings on Trulia,, Zillow, and Redfin.
  • After the listing is completed on the MLS, you can expect iBuyers like Opendoor and Offerpad to make an offer.
  • Simple listings, rapid adjustments, online showings, and offers are all part of this quick list.
  • You should expect a reasonable cash offer if you sell your house for cash on Houzeo.
  • If you’re looking for a platform with completely automated fees and no hidden fees, Houzeo is a good option.
  • You can anticipate your listing to be available on all of the top property websites once you list with Houzeo. This listing increases your visibility, giving you a better chance of receiving the best bargain sooner.
  • They feature a simple and intuitive dashboard that you can use to manage your property.
  • Houzeo is well-known around the country. Their mobile app allows you to track your property from your smartphone.

It is best for Homeowners who want to get the most money for their properties with no hidden fees, a fully automated process, and timely customer assistance from Houzeo Concierge.


Working with Opendoor, the largest iBuyer company would be an excellent idea. If you want to acquire cash for your house right now, Opendoor is a good option.

Pros of Opendoor

  • It’s a wonderful platform for seasoned property sellers, but it might not be appropriate for first-time sellers.
  • Closing takes about 14 days on average.
  • They will make you a cash offer when you furnish them with information about your property. Within 24 hours, you should receive an offer.
  • Opendoor operates in 45 areas around the country, assuring coverage of the country’s majority.

Cons of Opendoor

  • Not for first-time buyers or FSBO sellers.
  • Service fees are excessive. 
  • The sales process may feel rushed.
  • The breakdown of repair costs is not included in the offer.

Opendoor’s coverage is best for home sellers with desirable properties because it does not require significant repairs.


Offerpad is an iBuyer that makes cash offers for homes. They give you two choices when you use their services. Within 24 hours, they will make you a cash offer. You can list the property on their website if you don’t want it. They operate in 22 marketplaces across 16 states.

Pros of Offerpad 

Offerpad’s services also offer the following features:

  • According to reviews, the sellers were able to conclude the sale in 10 days, which is a significant benefit.
  • If you’re looking for a quick cash offer with a quick transaction close, Offerpad is the way to go.
  • You are not expected to clean the house or make repairs. Offerpad will purchase your item “as is.”

Cons of Offerpad 

  • Closing charges and service fees can often amount to more than 10% of the purchase price, resulting in a lower cash offer than expected.
  • If you cancel the transaction after it has been accepted, you will be charged a 1% cancellation fee.

It is best for home sellers that need to close quickly and have desirable properties.


RedfinNow, America’s largest discount brokerage, is Redfin’s buying division. Homeowners can sell their homes without advertising them for sale and receive fair cash bids. RedfinNow, unlike most iBuyers, also buys empty houses. They use this company to buy properties (including abandoned homes) for cash. It has a large footprint, with offices in 45 locations. They are the second-largest iBuyer company in the country.

Pros of Redfin Now

  • They make an offer within 48 hours, and you can complete the transaction in 10 to 90 days.
  • Going with them is a great option if you need a quick sale.
  • Their eligibility rules are far more severe than those of other organizations.

Cons of Redfin Now

  • Fees could be as much as a third of the total cost.
  • There are no late checkout alternatives available.

Selling to this buying organization is ideal if you have a lovely home and want a simple transaction. If your home needs renovations and lacks curb appeal, listing it on the MLS is the best option.

We buy ugly houses 

We buy ugly houses that demonstrate a higher reputation than other cash-only home buying organizations. For worried buyers, the option to close in as little as three weeks has been a big selling feature. Its business model, reputation, and home-buying process have been well-established for nearly two decades. They usually target distressed home sellers in severe need of money.

Pros of We buy ugly houses 

  • Within 24 to 48 hours, you will receive an offer.
  • In as little as three weeks, you may be done.
  • There’s no need to repair or prepare the house for sale.

Cons of We buy ugly houses 

  • Pays less than what sellers could receive on the free market.
  • Service quality differs amongst franchises.
  • Controversial closing tactics

It is best for Homeowners that want to sell quickly but don’t expect a high return on their investment.


If you wish to sell your house to companies that buy houses for cash in Florida, you can choose between next-generation iBuyers and classic cash purchasers. If you don’t have a tight deadline, selling using a Flat Fee MLS business like Houzeo could get you extra money. 

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