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Making your way through Warsaw

When traveling, the last thing you want to think about is how much a good tour will cost. But usually, people are forced to care about prices because they know nothing is free in this world. But the platform makes us realize the new value of service and offers free walking tour Warsaw. What does ‘free’ mean? Let’s clear up!

Why ‘free’ means two things

The Freetour platform follows the principle of enthusiastic work. The guides are, first of all, motivated by their desire to share knowledge about the city’s rich history and culture. The absence of fixed remuneration makes them even more motivated because the better they tell, the more they get. This way, the best service for an affordable price is provided, and the best part is that if you are completely unhappy with the tour you had, there’s no obligation to pay any minimum. 

The word ‘free’ also has another meaning relating to the guides. If they don’t have any fixed wage, it doesn’t mean they live on a case-by-case basis. It makes them free from obligations typical for paid tour guides. Freelance guides have more opportunities to work for themselves: they are free to realize their ideas the way they want, collaborate with their colleagues working on the same freelance basis, or those who are part of small companies that organize such tours. 

So, finally, if we look at this approach, both sides of communication take their benefits.

Warsaw as an open book

To discover the beauties of Warsaw, all you need is to visit for the list of tours available. There you will find everything you can be interested in.

Look through the list of all the tours of Warsaw, and you’ll notice several points that determine your travel:

  • the topic – from discovering the city’s history to the food and alcohol tasting;
  • the duration of the tours – you can find any, from 1h 30mins to 10h tours (pay attention that the day tours that take 8-10h are mostly the paid ones);
  • the manner of moving through the city – walking, car, bus tours, etc.;
  • the languages – some tours are held only in English, and others vary to 4 languages and more (the most popular are English, Spanish, German, and Italian).

Other details you can learn by clicking the ‘Check details’ button: there you can find the schedule that the guide works by, the details of what you will listen to, and the reviews of the tourists who previously used this tour. 

The platform can help with choosing if you’re not sure about what you want: there are marks if the tour is new, very popular, or a best seller. 

To sum up, the platform offers any tour you may like. To choose the one you will like, you only need to pay attention to the above-mentioned aspects or use filters. The comfortable system for searching and booking helps find the best alternatives, so take your chance to spend your time the best possible. 

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