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Biden’s DHS Isn’t Enforcing Vaccine Mandate For Illegal Immigrants: REPORT

The Biden administration is releasing some migrants without COVID-19 vaccines despite a policy requiring inoculation during processing, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

In the Rio Grande Valley, Border Patrol agents are allowing migrants from Guatemala, Haiti and Mexico to forgo the vaccine requirement, and migrants from Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela are only required to receive one dose of the vaccine before they’re released, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Border officials were instructed in March to vaccinate migrants not expelled under Title 42 in San Diego, El Paso and the Rio Grande Valley, according to The New York Times, which reviewed directions the administration shared with officials.

However, officials who spoke with The Washington Free Beacon said oftentimes migrants aren’t being vaccinated.

“It depends on the shift, to be honest. You talk to guys who work around midnight, and they’re not vaccinating anyone. It’s really more of an optional policy,” one person familiar with the process told The Washington Free Beacon.

“We’re getting steamrolled out here by the thousands. No, we are not vaccinating people,” a Border Patrol agent in Arizona told The Washington Free Beacon.

Homeland Security officials were told in March to detain single adults refusing to be vaccinated and place them into deportation proceedings, according to The New York Times.

Neither CBP nor DHS responded to requests for comment.

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  1. Biden’s DHS leadership is underperforming at the executive level, but the real problem is at the top. Biden is the problem. He isn’t going to do anything to stop the flow of migrants across our border, simply because his plan has always been to harvest hundreds of thousands of Democratic votes from these new U.S. residents. He is purposefully ignoring all issues that should be addressed…drugs, guns, dangerous people who want to do the U.S. harm, etc. Joey is only thinking about the votes he will bring to the Democratic Party. It is clear, he is a dishonest President, who will do anything for politics. He cares less about admitting a half dozen Islamic radicals who want to kill Americans.

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