Incredible: MSNBC Suddenly Worried About Big Tech Shadowbans and Censorship [WATCH]

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I saw a meme that resonated with today’s insanity. It basically said that in twelve years, the political left has gone from anti-war, anti-pharma, and pro-worker to the complete opposite. It;s actually an incredible feat, and if I didn’t know any better I’d say someone had bet a dollar they couldn’t get the sheeple to do a 180 on every supposed core value. It’s Trading Places on a national political level.

With Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, we can add concern over Big Tech to the list. How are people honestly this stupid? For years, we have been told to start our own companies if we were bothered or straight up lied to during congressional hearings about shadowbanning. Then, Big Tech openly participated in the complete censorship of content and deplatforming of individuals.

Now, Musk buys the de facto town square of the 21st century and suddenly the entire left is melting down. One MSNBC host in particular went full nutjob. You can’t project harder than this fool:

“You own all of Twitter or Facebook or what have you. You don’t have to explain yourself, you don’t even have to be transparent. You could secretly ban one party’s candidate or all of its candidates, all of its nominees.

Or you could just secretly turn down the reach of their stuff and turn up the reach of something else and the rest of us wouldn’t even find out about it until after the election.

Elon Musk says this is all to help people, because he is just a free speech, philosophically clear, open minded helper.”

You couldn’t sound dumber if you tried. Since the inception of the Big Tech/Deep State merger, conservatives and free speech pundits have been pointing this out. Secretly ban candidates? I’ll go a step further: You could deplatform the sitting president. 

Turn down the reach of some content and turn up the reach of other content? Again, did we already forget the Hunter Biden scandal? Twitter literally prevented the story from being shared. Twitter locked accounts for simply reposting leftist material. It banned people from raising too many questions about Covid’s origins or alternative treatments.

You still can’t question the 2020 election on Facebook or call Lia Thomas “Will” without being banned forever. And this moron has the temerity to call out the miniscule possibility of Elon going full Zuck. It is simply astounding.

To point out the obvious, the left hates the idea of free speech because when people talk and share openly, they dismantle the entire leftist ideology with ease. Leftism cannot compete against rational ideas and discourse. It’s also worth noting that while the left loves to quell opposition, it is almost impossible to envision. a scenario where Musk returns the favor. 

We wrote an earlier story on Brian Stelter having an absolutely horrendous take on this same issue, and mentioned:

“When we talk about free speech, we’re speaking about being able to discuss all the things that have been banned, like the 2020 election, gender issues, climate change, COVID, Wuhan Lab, Hunter Biden, and the war in Russia.

We can have altering views on these issues. We don’t all have to agree with the Biden Regime and speak and think in lockstep with the government.”

Precisely. Free speech means taking the lies of the left apart. And they can’t stand for that.

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