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Which is more consequential: CRT, CIT or CST

Which is more consequential? Critical Race Theory (CRT), Critical Ideology Theory (CIT), or Critical Strata Theory (CST)? All are cross-disciplinary intellectual and social movements of scholars and activists. CRT examines the intersection of class and law in the US and challenges mainstream American liberal approaches to racial justice. The Biden Crime Bill blatantly codified into law institutional racism wherein progressive policies enabled Black Genocide and led the African American nuclear family to join the Sea Turtles on the endangered species list.

In a LinkedIn post, David E Kelly, a defender of Critical Race Theory asks the following rhetorical questions:

LinkedIn Post
  • Who held us in chains?
  • Who stripped us of our language?
  • Who beat us to a pulp?
  • Who made us angry?
  • Who raped our great grandmothers?
  • Who made us hate ourselves?
  • Who ripped us apart?
  • Who slew our leaders?
  • Who denied us of our civil rights and freedom?
  • Who imprisoned millions of us?
  • Who stole our inventions, patents, trademarks and copyrights?
  • Who appropriates our culture to rob us of our wealth?
  • Who strikes millions with poverty?
  • Who denies us justice?
  • Who Lies constantly to absolve themselves from guilt?
  • Who continues to live in denial?
  • Now tell us why shouldn’t #CriticalRaceTheory be taught?

The answer of course is that you are responsible! But the reasons used by Kelly to justify, or rationalize the study of Critical Race Theory reads more like a pity party – something that every single group has gone through since Cain murdered Abel out of jealousy. While there is nothing wrong with opinions, when passing judgment we have the obligation to present a logical argument for our case. Not unlike what our Founding Fathers enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. For example, Rohingyas have often been called the most persecuted minority in the world, unable to claim citizenship in Myanmar (where about 1.1m of them live in Rakhine), or in any other country. Arkam and Ashan are but two of the growing number of Rohingyas fleeing persecution in Myanmar to reach Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand.

Then there are more:

  • The persecution of Jewish and Christian people in Muslim countries
  • Albinos in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Native Americans in the USA, Still largely in reservation lands with few natural resources and the highest percentage of drug and alcohol abuse
  • There is Muslim populations in China
  • Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq
  • Women and girls in much of Africa, the Middle-East and Asia and all mostly Muslim countries

In the case of  Critical Ideology Theory – CIT,  it aims to examine the intersection of ideology and law in the United States and to challenge progressives &  mainstream media approaches to social justice. That has led to the Perverted Blackstone Ratio:  Better to risk setting 100 guilty liberals free than to risk setting free one innocent conservative.  Why did Dinesh D’Souza and Martha Stuart go to jail, but even though, Obama knew, Clinton knew, Biden knew, Comey knew., Brennan knew, Clapper knew, McCabe knew, Strzok knew, Schiff knew, the Ohrs knew, the FBI knew, the DOJ knew, the CIA knew, the 17 Intelligence Agencies State knew, Trump was innocent, yet they smeared and spied on him. The worst scandal in our nation’s history, but nobody has been held accountable

In the case of Critical Strata Theory – CST, it seeks to examine the intersection of class and law in the United States and to challenge mainstream media & liberal approaches to class justice:  The class that commands the most resources wins. We all know the drill, the powerful can afford the best attorneys on the planet and can buy experts that testify for the defendant.  Whereas if the accused is poor or middle class, regardless of guilt or innocence, there are simply not enough resources to fight off the powerful.  That’s why Hunter Biden is roaming free, but John Does are rotting in jail

So, which is more consequential?

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