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Queen Elizabeth Gets Major Apology From British Prime Minister

The office of U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson issued an apology to Queen Elizabeth II on Friday for a party at the prime minister’s residence on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral, Reuters reported.

“It is deeply regrettable this took place at a time of national mourning and No. 10 (Downing Street) has apologised to the Palace,” Johnson’s spokesperson said, Reuters reported. The prime minister was at his country residence when the gathering took place, and he was not invited to the party, the spokesperson added.

Prince Philip died at the age of 99 in April 2021, after a month-long stay in the hospital in February where he was treated for an infection and underwent a heart operation.

Johnson faced intense criticism when he revealed on Wednesday that he briefly attended a “bring your own booze” party at his residence’s back garden in May 2020, during the country’s first lockdown. Citizens were only allowed to interact with one other person outdoors at this time, but more than 100 staffers were emailed an invitation.

The former head of the government unit behind the coronavirus restrictions also apologized for a gathering she held in December 2020 after leaving her position, Reuters reported.

Opponents have called for Johnson’s resignation, alleging hypocrisy for not following the guidelines he himself mandated for his constituents, with some fellow Conservatives joining in those calls, fearing lasting damage to the party, Reuters reported.

“Sadly, the Prime Minister’s position has become untenable,” Conservative lawmaker Andrew Bridgen, a former Johnson supporter, said, Reuters reported. “The time is right to leave the stage.”

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who is seen as a possible successor to Johnson, said the prime minister made “real mistakes,” Reuters reported.

“We need to look at the overall position we’re in as a country, the fact that he (Johnson) has delivered Brexit, that we are recovering from COVID … He has apologised,” she reportedly said. “I think we now need to move on.”

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  1. The sequel: I see clone apologizing to dead people.
    Is anyone real in politics or are we left with clones, doubles & actors wearing silicone body parts? Forget about the matrix?; We are living in the twilight zone & Not just in America. The craziest ever in USA, puppet steals an identity, runs for President out of a basement, puppetmasters steals election…… & for some reason that suits Mitch McConnell, he just now decides to admit that man isn’t Joe Biden. What is Mitch up to? I voted for Mitch because President Donald J. Trump asked us to. I figure he had a very good reason…probably to let Mitch play out his own diabolical personal agenda to the very end. Trump also said to take the vaccines, but I have no idea of how to legally acquire them since our unelected health wannabe dictators have “forbidden” them & push their death JABS they refer to as vaccines…..they can change the wording, but it doesn’t change the facts…1, 2, 3, 4, oh please just be injected with one more.

    Wake up America, the world is waiting.

  2. I mean its kinda on you voting in the turtle neck too. What people don’t get is the Republicans are not our Messiah. It’s a uni party of power-brokers. Expecting Mitch McConnell to be any semblance of good leadership at this juncture is just like the Demwits who voted for Joe thinking he was some avuncular unifier. We need a hero, not the likes of greedy elephants and braying donkeys. We need a patriot.

  3. CDN puleeze get edit button.

    I wanted to add to comment to “Really?” – we have all been duped by two-faced politicos and do not judge. Our options are oft limited to one bad choice or another.

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