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Free masks and COVID tests will not fix Biden’s COVID failures

On Thursday, the mainstream media celebrated a move announced by Joe Biden to distribute a billion at-home COVID tests and free N95 masks to Americans. The announcement comes as the spread of Omicron across the US continues.

Biden had promised at-home COVID tests previously but has yet to deliver on that promise. He previously said that he would distribute 500 million at-home COVID tests to Americans who request them through a new government website. That website has yet to launch.

So to help bolster is effort, he decided to announce additional free tests and free N95 masks to go along with it. He stated that the US has a supply of roughly 750 million N95 masks that can be distributed.

N95 masks are above what the CDC and other COVID “experts” recommend for Americans to wear. That is not stopping Joe Biden, however. Joe Biden needs a win with the American people and fast.

He has failed on every major policy initiative that he has attempted so far. He claimed that vaccines would stop COVID, but they didn’t. He claimed that he would end the pandemic, but he didn’t.

His approval numbers are dismal, so what does he do? Announce more free handouts from the federal government. Are free COVID tests and face masks enough to distract Americans?

The Biden regime will launch the website amid their latest push to abolish the filibuster and push through an attempt to federalize elections. You better believe that he plans to use this new website launch to help cover their efforts to take over elections.

Not only that, Biden will use it to continue to cover his failures in foreign policy. Will this be the time that Russia advances into Ukraine amid his failure there? Will China be given the green light to advance one of its initiatives that benefit the Biden regime?

Each time an initiative is launched, it is a cover for some form of ridiculous policy of Joe Biden. It is amazing that he can somehow find a billion at-home COVID tests and millions of face masks, but he has yet to figure out how his policies have destroyed the supply chain and contributed to massive inflation.

Free handouts from the government, like these tests and masks, will not fix Biden’s failures. Americans need to see through this gesture. This is not about helping Americans. This is about continuing their control over Americans.

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