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Clay Aiken attacks conservatives who are “taking up oxygen in the room”

Former American Idol star Clay Aiken will try again. Aiken ran for the House of Representatives in 2014, but will run in 2022 for a seat just outside of Raleigh.

Aiken will run for the seat vacated by David Price. Price announced his retirement in October.

McClatchey shared some of Aiken’s comments, where he said, “The people in the Triangle gave me the platform that I have, and I wanna use it to give back to them. I want to be a loud voice for the Triangle when I get to Congress, I will tell you that. And we need a big voice.”

The Democrat who wins the primary in this race is almost guaranteed to win the election based on the district he will represent. The district is overwhelmingly blue.

Aiken has no history in politics but is an outspoken progressive. He will actively support the progressive Democrats.

In a video posted to his campaign site, he said that North Carolina was once the model for progressives in the south. He continued by calling North Carolina voter laws and the controversial bathroom bill from 2016 “backward ass policies.” He then attacked Rep. Madison Cawthorn as a white nationalist and Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson as a hateful homophobe.

He included Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert in his video. He said that these were taking up all the oxygen in the room and that he was sick of it.

Aiken named that he would support gun control measures, Democrats’ proposed voting law, abortion, free healthcare, and essentially every other communist platform you can think of.

At the end of the video, he then draped photos of Cawthorn and Robinson in a rainbow flag, saying he knew they would be proud to see North Carolina elect the south’s first gay congressman.

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