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9 Most Conservative States 2021

Moving to a conservative state could be a good choice for some, especially if you are interested in lowering taxes, creating business opportunities, and being around like-minded individuals. Texas, Kentucky, Alabama, Utah, S. Carolina, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Kansas are the most conservative states. So let’s list some of the most conservative states in the US.


In terms of political affiliation, Mississippi has the highest proportion of conservatives (50%), followed by moderates (29%), then liberals (12%). As expected, 60 percent of Mississippians voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. However, Mississippi was one of three states where Hillary Clinton won by less than five percentage points (Maine and New Hampshire). Surprisingly, Mississippi has a relatively low number of people who identify themselves as “atheists” (1.6%) compared to neighboring states like Alabama and Louisiana. The state also has an unusually high number of gun owners), which is much higher than the national average. Mississippi ranks first among all 50 states regarding the total number of guns owned per person.


Wyoming is another state with a large population of conservative Christians. According to Gallup, only 12% of Wyomingites describe themselves as liberal, while 43% say moderate and 42% call themselves conservative. This makes Wyoming the most conservative state in the nation. It should be noted that Wyoming is not always considered a conservative state; in 2008, Barack Obama received more votes there than John McCain. However, this year, Republican nominee Mitt Romney beat out President Obama in Wyoming by 49-45%. Like Mississippi, Wyoming has a minimal number of atheists, but unlike Mississippi, most of its citizens do not own firearms.


Alabama is yet another southern state known for being very conservative. Only 11% of Alabamans consider themselves liberal, while 37% say moderate, and 46% say they are conservative. Interestingly, Alabama does not have any counties that lean towards Democrats. Despite this, Alabama was the second-most competitive state for both candidates during the 2016 presidential election. While Donald Trump won the state by 28 percent, he did so despite losing the popular vote by nearly 1 million ballots.

West Virginia

West Virginia is the least populated state in the union. Although it is located in the heartland of the United States, West Virginia is part of the Appalachian region. This explains why West Virginians speak with a distinct accent, similar to those found in other parts of Appalachia. Overall, West Virginians tend to be politically conservative. For example, according to Gallup, only 9% of West Virginians describe themselves as liberal, whereas 44% call themselves moderate, and 47% say they are conservative or very conservative. Furthermore, West Virginia is home to two of the largest coal mining companies in the country – Massey Energy Company and Arch Coal Inc. These two companies together employ over 20,000 workers in the state.

South Carolina

While South Carolina has six million people, Democrats are very competitive there. The state has only five solidly red counties leaning towards Republicans, while seven are solidly blue or leaning towards the Democratic Party. Furthermore, many of the remaining twenty-nine counties are considered purple because their political affiliation is uncertain. South Carolina has a highly conservative Christian population. For example, according to Gallup, 49% of South Carolinians describe themselves as either very or primarily conservative, while only 32% say they are moderates and only 13% identify themselves as liberals. It is also worth noting that South Carolina has the third-most gun owners per person in the U.S., probably because it is one of the most conservative states in America. So maybe SC and a move to Myrtle Beach for example, would be ideal for you as a conservative.


According to Gallup, Louisiana is the second-most conservative state in America (behind Alabama). This makes sense because, like Mississippi and Alabama, Louisiana has a minimal number of atheists (1%). Also, only 3% of Louisianans identify themselves as liberal, while 43% say they are moderate, and 48% say they are conservative or very conservative. In addition, Louisiana’s economy is heavily dependent on oil and gas production. The state tends to be more conservative than its neighboring states.


Like Louisiana, Mississippi is also a deep south state. According to Gallup, only 8% of Mississippians say they are liberal, while 39% say moderate. Additionally, 45% of Mississippians describe themselves as conservative or very conservative, while only 2% say they are liberal. However, unlike Louisiana, Mississippi has many atheists (4%). Furthermore, the majority of Mississippians identify themselves as Christians.


Texas is the fourth-largest state in America by land area. Like Louisiana, Texas is a deeply southern state. According to Gallup data, only 7% of Texans say they are liberal, whereas 42% say moderate, and 50% say conservative. Despite being one of the most populous states, Texas is still relatively conservative.


Oklahoma is another deep south state. According to the Gallup poll, only 6% of Oklahomans self-identify as liberal, whereas 41% call themselves moderate, and 53% say they are conservative and very conservative. In addition, Oklahoma has a strong religious base. According to Gallup, 76% of Oklahomans identify themselves as Christians, followed by 15% atheists and 9% agnostic.


The bottom line is that conservative states in America are typically found in the south. So, if you want to move somewhere where you will likely be around like-minded people, then one of these states might be for you. Also, keep in mind that each state has its own unique culture and way of life. Therefore, it’s important to think hard about where you want to live before making any decisions.

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