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Why An Eye Catching Promo Is Important For Marketing?

The promo is an introduction to the content. It is a glimpse, and if it is done right, then the sale is almost completed. 

They say, “First impression is the last impression,” and accurate enough. People generally judge the product just by the first glimpse that might even be as small as packaging. 

So, when a product is being launched, eye-catching promos should top your marketing strategies.

Promos give customers a fair insight into the product while also hiding crucial information about the product. This suspense increases curiosity within the audience. This, in turn, increases the chances of a purchase.

Promos bring the necessary spotlight to a product and its brand. A promo is a way of telling the audience why your product would be a good investment and what benefits they will get in turn.

These days, several promo maker tools are available online that help people create the promos that suit them the best. All you need is an idea and a vision, and it will help you achieve the perfect promo.

But why do brands emphasize making promos attractive and eye-catching?

The most basic reason is to catch people’s attention. But there are several more layers and reasons why it is so essential to create an eye-catching promo.

1. Promote

The most basic reason for the creation of promos is promotion. It can be brand/product promotion. The key is to create urgency around a specific deal and make it tempting that people buy it as soon as they see the promo.

In simple words, make people realize that the offer is only valid for a limited time, and they might lose the chance if they don’t avail it within the given time limit.

This boosts brand awareness as now more people know about the brand via product promotion. Another advantage is that it increases the product’s overall sales, as people are intrigued to buy and try the product at least once.

It also provides information about the product and reflects the brand’s image regarding manufacturing and other technicalities that come along.

2. Uniqueness

Have you ever been in a situation where you liked a certain product but could not buy it because it lacked a feature or two?

As the saying goes, one man’s failure is another man’s success. When you find that one customer demand that no one yet suffices, you should work for it.

If people find what they were missing, they would readily buy the product at a fair price. So, it is always essential to maintain uniqueness when it comes to sales and marketing

To promote this uniqueness, you need a sure introduction or, in simple words, a promo. Thus, nothing holds value unless showcased to the world the right way: a great promo, better the representation.

3. Timing

Promos are generally short videos put out before the actual product for promotional purposes. 

Videos are a great way of expressing your ideas and are the most consumed form of content. The best part about promo videos is their timings. Promo videos are generally a few seconds or a few minutes long. This means that people don’t have to spend much time on them actively, and in this world, full of the hustle and bustle, people would love to have more and more information delivered to them in a short duration.

Thus, you need to offer relevant information in that single clip—another reason why the promos should be eye-catching. People have high expectancies when it comes to content with a shorter time duration. A promo video maker can help you in making cool and eye-catching promos for your marketing.  You have one minute to impress them, so why not make all the seconds in that minute count.

4. Increasing brand loyalty

Every product is a good product if advertised well. People are more likely to invest in things that they have seen once. Even if they don’t buy it, their loyalty and trust towards the brand increases.

Thus, the way you advertise your product creates a significant impact when it comes to the market. If the promo is promising, people will spend some time seeing and examining the product and, indirectly, the brand.

This increased awareness will eventually increase brand reach and enhance the chances of the product doing well.

The creativity and efforts put behind a single video can go a long way if only optimized smartly.

5. A Clear Call-to-Action

What’s next? It is the one question that keeps humans going. Advancements are made every day because people are always inquisitive to know about what’s coming next.

Promos do that – heighten curiosity. A great promo has information about the product and a clear CTA, which tells the user what’s next.

Therefore, if the CTA is clear, people will readily move on to that step due to general human tendency.


All these points explain the importance of a good and eye-catching promo for marketing. Everyone has a different reason to start with, and the first objective for you should be to find your motivation. Only then will you be aware of what you exactly expect from your customers.

The templates and ways vary depending on that one prime objective, and once you are clear with your purpose, you can choose a suitable template and components to incorporate in your promo.

Afterward, you can work on the design and all other intricacies involved in creating an eye-catching promo. 

Good promos make sure that the promo is seen and viewed well, making you visible in the market as a promising brand with a creative mindset. 

All these reasons are valid enough to conclude that an excellent eye-catching promo is crucial for marketing.

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