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Ways to Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media

Videos are taking the internet by storm. According to recent surveys, about 85% of users are happy with video content. A large part of the viewers uses mobile for viewing video content. The era of social media has contributed to popularizing video content.

Videos are super easy to view and are highly engaging. It is no doubt that videos appeal to the different learning styles of the demographics. 

The growth of video content on social media requires creators to create compelling videos. A powerful video marketing strategy will help businesses improve branding on social media. 

What are the different video types?

It is a challenge to choose the perfect video type for social media. You should select a video type depending upon your goals and target audience. Another determining factor is the social media platform where you will upload the video content. 

Few video types are:

  • Live videos
  • Question and Answer videos
  • Tutorials
  • Event videos
  • Explainer videos

Tips to Create Engaging Video Content

With tons of videos being uploaded on social media now and then, the onus is on the creator to produce stand-out video content. You can use an online video editor to give a fine finish to the video. Following are the points to take into consideration:

Researching and Collecting Ideas

Brainstorming ideas should be the fundamental step. You must invest time to carry out research and generate ideas. 

The goal should be to search for trending topics on social media. Making a list of the trending topics will make it easier to pick a subject matching the trend. You must then check the top video content related to those topics.

Few golden points to remember:

  • It is crucial to know the goal of the video content.
  • A clear message leaves an impact.
  • Being familiar with the taste of the audience is the key.
  • You must film the first few seconds of a video in a manner that captures attention. 
  • You should initially sort out the platform for publishing the video to decide the video’s length.
  • You must use an excellent online video editor to give the video a highly professional look at the end.

Creating a Storyboard

Big brands do the planning before making content. Chalking out a storyboard is always of help. It encourages one to think of shots in sequence and saves time for everyone.

A rough storyboard should be made ready with the goals, actors, opening shots, next shots, and more.

Filming and Editing

The following elements play a crucial role in this step.

Proper Lighting: Sunlight is the best light source for recording a video. Light in the morning and evening hours is softer, and best to film a video. If filming in the noon is necessary, you must choose a good spot under the shade to avoid extra lighting.

You should phase/layer the light source to spread the light on the subject evenly. You can use an online video editor to adjust brightness later.

Microphone: A good microphone makes the audio flawless. Not all microphones are good to use for recording an engaging video. Investing in a high-quality microphone can do wonders for a video. Online video editors can help remove any unwanted noise.

Stabilizing the Device: Nobody likes to watch a poorly shot video. Therefore, use a tripod to shoot a stable video. Place your elbow on a fence, railing, or a table while filming with a smartphone. 

Title, Description, and Hashtag

Title, description, and hashtag define how a search engine will rank the video in terms of SEO. You should optimize the title of a video and its description so that it ranks higher. 

Choose a relevant title so that it lands in the searches. You should avoid the usage of lengthy sentences or the inclusion of familiar words. Include keywords in the title for SEO purposes.

Using maximum keywords in writing the description without stuffing them is the key. A detailed description bearing valuable details and important links is the best fit.

You must also include relevant hashtags in posts for better performance. About 11 to 30 hashtags are great. Branded hashtags boost engagement. 

Best Practices for Popular Social Media Platforms


The most viewed topics on Instagram include travel, food & drink, fashion, etc. Instagram is the best platform to advertise for brands with a defined demographic. 

  • Creative content with a polished finish catches the eye of the users. 
  • Tags are for optimization, and hashtags are for growing views. 
  • You can use Instagram stories and reels.


Facebook is a good choice for promotional videos, announcements, and live-streaming. Native content dominates this platform, and Facebook prompts people to share the short videos with friends. 

  • 15-30 seconds is the perfect length of an engaging video on Facebook.
  • You should add captions, and also include a CTA.


Twitter is flooded with live-streaming videos for brand awareness. Videos flaunting business profiles are a hit too. Users interact through tweets. 

  • Twitter is a highly personal platform that most brands use for promotion. 
  • Videos of 15 seconds are great to pick more engagement. 
  • Using an excellent online video editor will help create professional videos for brands.


You need to make an equal effort in promoting a video after creating it. You should share the video across different social media platforms and your network. You can also employ professionals to promote the video better. 

Analyzing the Performance

Analyzing the metrics can help determine the success of a video. Google Analytics and others help carry out the analysis. Analysis assists in validating the decisions taken and the efforts put in creating the video. 

It is good to know the performance of a video to appreciate the right strategies and learn from mistakes. Implementing what has been learned from previous content in future material will aid in growth.

Final Words

Video content has occupied the center stage in the online space. With most brands using video content to drive traffic, the focus has shifted to creating engaging video content. Effective implementation of the above tips will increase user engagement drastically. 

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