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The Masked Singer: Who’s been revealed under the pink panther costume?

No one expected to see this singer in the pink panda costume. He played this role masterfully and as always sang well on stage.

David Todua is a participant in the sixth season of the Voice, who took part in another famous show The masked Singer. The singer explained why he participated in television projects.

In Russian show business, everyone knows David Todua as a singer and composer. Thanks to his participation in The Voice he became even better known to the public. David heard a lot about this show and accepted without hesitation the offer to participate in the Masked Singer.

Costumes from Milton Group

The most difficult thing on the TV project for David was choosing the right costume for his performance. According to David the art studio Milton group helped him to choose a costume for the show. Among other ideas he liked the idea with ​​the pink panther costume.

He has been working with Milton Group for a long time. In addition to composing songs, he is engaged in producing musical talents. Naturally, his direct responsibility is to create an attractive image of the group and selection of costumes for performances.

Art studio Mitlon Group greatly simplifies the life of David Todua. They tailor clothes according to individual sketches and the quality of clothes is always at a high level. Now all the performances of the musicians look more colorful and lively.

The agency Milton group helped him with the choice of the costume for the show The Masked Singer, as they already know the tastes of the singer. Therefore, Milton Group specialists managed to find quickly the best option for you.

His approach to work was always quite serious and discreet, so the pink panther costume surprised many. Each of us has an inner child, and we can rarely experience these pleasant moments again. This project allowed David to return for a moment to his childhood when everything was so simple and careless.

Singing in a costume was quite difficult and inconvenient. In addition to everything, David had to dance. He compares this experience to the experience of driving a car. This is the incomparable feeling of being immersed in an on-screen character.

In his performance, David Todua has been playing the accordion for a long time. In music school, he chose the accordion because he felt comfortable with this musical instrument. Music was a kind of protection and a way of self-expression. Participation and victories in competitions contributed greatly to the formation of character and personality in general.

Memories of the show The Voice 

David shared his impressions of another project The Voice and also gave some pieces of advice for future program participants.

Project The Voice forms strong personalities. Talented people show their vocal abilities to the country. Therefore, his main recommendation is to be natural and not try to seem to be better than you are.

Our drawbacks make us more integral because all people tend to make mistakes. From the very beginning, you need to understand why you came to the show. There must be a reason and an end goal for your participation.

David never set the goal of winning the show, and therefore he did not win. He received much more: the project became a springboard for new commercial proposals.

There are the following key aspects in working on stage: self-awareness on stage, developing an image, building a concept for performance, etc. It is important to trust the coach and listen to his comments. If you do not know how to work in a team better, do not go to the casting. Cooperation with Agutin is built on trust and respect. This show gave David a new and exciting experience.

At his first performance, David had a panic attack. Having extensive professional experience, he was afraid not to meet the expectations of viewers. For David, a trial hearing was a real challenge. The rehearsal before the casting did not help him in any way because already in the first minute of the performance he was drowned in a sea of ​​adrenaline and emotions.

David Todua did not plan in advance to go to Agutin’s team. However, during all the seasons this coach gave the impression of a very sensitive and understanding person while remaining a professional in his field. After listening to the comments of all judges an inner voice suggested joining Agutin’s team. It was a good choice: their collaboration was very productive.


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