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Mainstream media launches coordinated attack on guns, arguing for federal action

It started off as a simple article on a couple of mainstream news sites, but has quickly evolved into what can only be seen as a coordinated attack on guns and gun rights in America. NBC News was one of the first, running an article on Thursday blaming YouTube for leaving videos of ghost guns and how to make them online.

On Thursday, it seems they have altered the headline as other outlets have coordinated their attacks on firearms. The tease for the same article on Thursday says “Police found dozens of ghost gun kits in his truck. He learned how to build them on YouTube.” The original article title remains on the article, “YouTube banned ‘ghost gun’ videos. They’re still up.” Obviously, they needed to protect their liberal friends at YouTube and that headline is very attacking.

NBC News shared “experts” who argued that there needed to be more federal regulation of firearms in the US. They pleaded for regulation of ghost guns calling them dangerous and the chosen weapon for violent crimes. I guess they have not looked into data from major Democrat strongholds where it can be guns, knives, or any weapon because they defunded the police and violent crime spiked.

The attack on the gun rights of Americans is a real issue. But if you never believed in the coordinated attack of the mainstream media and major media owned subsidiaries, let me show you exactly what they are doing.

While NBC News ran this piece, multiple smaller media outlets started running other articles in support of gun control as well. In Denver, they ran an article about how the city council wants to ban ghost guns. They had an article arguing against ghost guns in Atlanta, too.

In California, they argued for gun control and against ghost guns and was relating it to a potential school shooting. Another one in California ran a coordinated attack on the popularity of ghost guns in the area.

In Illinois, they shared about how the state lawmakers were going to take the step to ban ghost guns. Not that they were voting next week, but that they plan to address it next year. It was an attempt to force them into voting sooner than later.

Each of these areas are Democrat strongholds, but they are rounding up support for the radical push for gun control. They are running propaganda to the base in order to fire them up and help them get some emotions behind their anti-gun agenda.

Democrats in red-states are filing and raising issues as well. One Florida website shared how Democrats in the state are proposing multiple gun laws in the wake of the most recent school shooting. Never let a crisis go to waste right?

Mainstream media would rather you be focused on the Russia crisis. They would rather distract you with their sound bites on gerrymandering and Biden’s climate control orders and how wonderful they are for America.

While some other issues are important, behind the scenes they are firing up their base to make an attempt to disarm Americans through Joe Biden. This has been silently growing behind the scenes, but now the focus is moving into the mainstream media with the NBC News article.

It will not be long before questions are raised again at the White House about an executive order from Joe Biden on gun control. He has had no issues with ridiculous, unconstitutional orders so far in his presidency. He will simply add this one to the list.

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