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GREEN ENERGY: Pick Your Poison

The Blue State Conservative

New York has Announced that ‘rolling brown outs’ will be the mainstay in the near future.   Simultaneously, the state is demanding Green Energy Initiatives:   1.   all new building and construction must be fully electric, including heat   2. all new cars by electric by 2035.   3. 70% of energy must be renewable by 2030.   Wonderful! So what are they doing to manage the overload of electric needs?

Pick Your Poison!

New York has no natural gas or petroleum reserves, thus 90% of its power comes from the Niagara Falls hydroelectric dam, nuclear, and natural gas. Of the natural gas sourced, 3/5 of the plants have dual resource capability, meaning they can run on petroleum, and or coal.

There are/were four nuclear plants providing about 30% of their power:

  1. Nine Mile:   commissioned in 1969 and 1988,
  2. Indian Point: commissioned in 1974 and 1976, and representing 40% of the nuclear power closed permanently in 2021
  3. RE Ginna:   Commissioned in 1970, and,
  4. James Fitzpatrick: commissioned in 1975.

The average lifespan of a nuclear plant is licensed at 40 years with a potential expansion for an additional 20 years. By 2050, all US reactors will have reached that 60-year limit.   New York has -0- new or proposed plants.


In other words – New York’s energy capabilities make New York TOASTED!

Wind Power represents about 3.6%-or less,  of New York’s renewable energy.   Many of the wind farms have also exceeded their lifespan or will soon.   The largest farm went operational in 2006.   The maximum lifespan of wind turbines is about 20 years.

Summer months generate the least amount of wind.

Solar is not exactly New York’s widget given the sun is not strong enough to dent the usage.   With the highest electricity rates in the country, New York is doing little to mediate their mandates.   As usage soars, the price will increase exponentially, leaving many without power… and the persons most affected will be the poor black and Hispanic populations.

So exactly what message has De Blasio and Cuomo left for New York?   Tough Tiddley Winks ‘cause we’re moving to Florida and buying a mansion on a beach while we play mahjong…with Jinping while drinking Mai-Tai’s.   

The inherent issue?   Wind and Solar are dependent, whereas fossil fuels are transported.   Can’t transport the solar from Arizona to New York, or the wind from North Dakota to New York…

Ten states generate over 50% of their electric energy from coal.   Only 3 states generate over 50% of their energy from hydroelectric. Only 1 state tops 26% from solar.   Arizona, the sun state of the US, only generates 8% of its electricity from solar.

Nuclear is aging out quickly, and for many, the available renewables just are not capable of generating the necessary output.

So.   WHERE the heckinsy will all the current power come from if coal is retired, nuclear is retired, and you don’t have a Niagara Falls nearby? Not to mention the doubling of electric usage from all the 2030+ mandates?


Because no one really cares. The 90 IQ is the new 80.

As I have noted before, the global oil consumption by country is a ridiculous analysis given it makes no adjustment for exports and imports.  I.e, if you have no oil you import everything – but your carbon footprint is zero!  Consumption is an algorithm based on production.   Therefore, if you are NOT producing you must not be consuming…   Stupidity REIGNS.

While the 80-IQs still believe that production of cancer-causing, land devastating mining is a measure of a countries value, they obtusely ignore the substrate ramifications:   Lithium mining for the production of batteries is FAR more devastating to the land, water, animal, and health than oil production.   This is why China no longer has the two most precious resources; land and water.   Without these resources, they have no food. And the economy can sell trillions of defective trinkets but without land and water, it is all meaningless.

Of the top freshwater lakes in the world, one is in Africa, one is in Russia and the rest are in the US. Nuking ANY of these is beyond out of the question!

Even the Greatest Idiot Jester in the world can process that factoid.

So if solar and wind prove ‘unsustainable’ an alternative must be in the making – right?   Otherwise, governments are dooming themselves.

There are a number of alternatives being researched today, and while they hail great progress, they don’t do the job of propelling cars, trucks, trains, or planes with much efficiency. And many soak up the number one precious resource – water.

For example, Geothermal is based on hot spring water beneath the earth’s surface.

Problems:   Air pollutants are massive. Salt and minerals from the springs degrade and are dumped in wells, landfills, and other water precious resource depletions.

What is the long-term effect of draining our hot spring waters?   NO IDEA.  Can it affect platelets?  Earthquakes?   Or even volcanic eruptions?

Fusion too continues to have its hurdles.   Investigated for nearly a decade, fusion is a nuclear reaction that requires water.

Bill Gates and Steven Hawking bet on the fusion future.

FUSION Defined – sort of:   a combination of hydrogen gases – deuterium and tritium – are heated to very high temperatures (over 100 million degrees Celsius). The gas becomes a plasma and the nuclei combine to form a helium nucleus and a neutron, with a tiny fraction of the mass converted into ‘fusion’ energy.

While the concept reads that fusion requires water to form its energy, the oceans are considered the unending source. Apparently, studies regarding the effects of water depletion long term on our oceans and ocean life has not been a consideration…  As in no more whales, no more fish, no more algae, no more coral reefs…

In other words – there is NO form of energy to date that doesn’t weigh both positive and negative impacts on the environment!   NONE.

In reality – it is a game of pick your poison… there is NO such thing as CLEAN energy.  To Date.

Image by Mees Groothuis from Pixabay

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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